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Top 5 Best Animation Software for Creatives and Beyond

animated character being created with Autodesk Maya

The best animation software lends you a host of valuable tools to create movies, voice act for characters and even design your own characters. Anyone with an interest in animation will explore new landscapes and choose from a vast range of possibilities. You have so many, in fact, that looking on the internet can become a downright intimidating experience. A …

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Top 4 Best Beat Making Software for Musical Creation

Dr Drum, one of the best beat making software

What should you look for in the best beat making software? First, strong production capabilities will be the chief factor, but the less experienced users should seek out software that offers ease of use. You also want a large loop library and a wide selection of virtual instruments. If you have experience in the music industry, the best beat making …

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Top 5 Best Recording Software for Flawless Sound Files

man recording with Pro Tools, one of the best recording software

A digital audio workspace is extremely important to creating crystal clear, flawless sound files. If you find yourself looking for the best recording software available, you might become overwhelmed by the countless options. With so many programs available, which one will result in the best sounding audio? We have listed our top five picks that will produce flawless sound files …

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Top 5 Best Tax Software for Keeping Up with Your Taxes

man in blue shirt sitting in front of a laptop in an office

Tax season is among us and many of you are receiving your W-2s. As you prepare to file your taxes, you might be looking into your filing options. If you are choosing to file your own taxes, you might have noticed that there are several software options. Each one seems to promise a high level of satisfaction but finding the …

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Top 6 Best Video Editing Software for Mac

video editing Mac setup

Video is becoming a huge part of many industries. Therefore, computer users need to have the necessary tools to make professional videos for their personal, school and business projects. One should measure a good video editing program by elements such as price, ease of use, consumer reviews and features. The features are a huge part of what makes a reliable …

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