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20 Cool Things to 3D Print on Your Own

printer machine

3D printers have revolutionized the world of design and will take your DIY projects to the next level. In the past, 3D printers were only available for big companies, but that has changed in recent years. Now, anyone with a couple of hundred dollars can get their own 3D printer, and with so many cool things to 3D print, you’ll …

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Gifts For Nerdy Dads: Our Top 10 Picks

Dad and his two children

Image source: PixabayFather's Day is right around the corner, and you are probably wondering what to get for your dad this year. If you have a dad who is into tech, you are likely searching for gifts for nerdy dads. We have tracked down a number of the best new tech available, reviewed them, and narrowed down the very best …

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Why Is My Laptop Fan so Loud?

typing on a laptop

Image via: pixabay.comYou're working hard to meet your deadline before the end of the day. But as you frantically type, you hear a weird clunking noise coming from the base of your hardy laptop. You pause your keyboard clacking. The noise continues. As you listen harder, the realization dawns on you: your laptop is making that distressing sound. Your prime suspect? …

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Top 10 Best Free Movies on YouTube

Best Free Movies on YouTube

Before you watch another cat video compilation or another slime making tutorial, we have compiled a list of some of the best free movies on YouTube that are sure to offer you hours of entertainment at no cost to you.That's right. Full-length features that cost you nothing but a few hours of your time. We've done the research and compiled …

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How To Restore iPhone Without iTunes

learning how to restore iphone without itunes

Apple promotes its entire ecosystem when releasing a new product. In the early days of the Apple iPhone, in order to update the device, back it up, or install new applications, you would have to go through a multi-step process.You needed to sync it up to your computer (usually through a USB cable) and wait for the information to download …

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