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Top 5 Best GPS Tracking Device under $50

Having a good GPS tracking device is no longer just a question of comfort and a clear mind. It’s becoming something extremely important – both for businesses trying to keep their fleet under the radar and for personal use. To help you get a good idea of how to choose such a complex device, we’ve made this small list.

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The main thing to keep in mind with the GPS tracking device is that it can have as many features as you want it to. Want to listen to what’s going on in your car? You can do that. Want to know where it’s going? You can do that as well. Want to get its speed? Sure thing! And at the same time, you may also be able to disguise the device as a USB-charger device. And while we know that the more expensive devices tend to have better specs, we thought we’d limit our list to GPS tracking devices under $50.

Best GPS Tracking Device under $50

5. WickedHD GPS Tracking Device

At only $36.49, this GPS tracking device is truly “wicked.” That’s because while managing to stay relatively cheap, it can still do a lot of the stuff that GPS tracking devices with higher prices can do. It can see where the vehicle is at, it can monitor it in real time, it can locate it immediately, it can cut off power to the engine, or it can cut off oil supply.

For all this, people who decide to buy the WickedHD GPS tracking device for cars will have to also acquire a microSD card and an SIM card. The devices come with both GSM and GPS connectivity. To charge the device (recommended before first use), one can use the miniUSB cable provided. The device package also includes the wires necessary for installation.

Works with: all vehicles.

4. Linxup LPVAS1 OBD Real-Time GPS Tracking Device

This tracking system is slightly different than the previous one. The winning feature of this one is the ability to track your car using GPS positioning on Google Maps. It can track moving vehicles in all 50 states of the US, with detailed tracking updates every minute (provided the user wants them). It can monitor acceleration, braking, as well as speeding. The downside of this device is that it requires a subscription fee if the user wants to make do with original software. However, many other GPS tracking programs exist.

This small GPS tracking device connects to the OBD tracking port of your car and stays there stealthily. However, there is one big problem with OBD GPS tracking devices: when the car turns off, the device is also cut from the power grid.

Works with: vehicles manufactured after 1996.

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3. MotoSafety MPVAS1 Teen Safety GPS Tracking Device

The MotoSafety GPS Tracking device is ultimately just as good as the Linxup car GPS tracking device. We actually debated which one should take the lead for quite some time. In the end, we decided to mention that they’re both just as good. Like the Linxup device, this one too can monitor acceleration, braking, and speed. It’s even advertised as a tool to help track your beginner teen-driver.

And, as a bonus compared to the Linxup, this device costs a whole $10 less and comes with a software (also subscription based) that can give you daily updates on how safely the car was driven. Pretty neat, don’t you think?

Works with: vehicles manufactured after 1996.

2. ABLEGRID RealTime GPS Tracking Device

The biggest advantage that the Ablegrid min GPS tracking device has over the other ones here is that it works worldwide. So if someone (let’s say a thief) takes your car abroad, this device will be able to track it, show it to you on the map, and even see it in areas where GPS doesn’t really have good coverage.

Another good feature of this device is that it can be used not only with cars, but with boats, motor homes, and just about any other moving vehicle that you can think of. It also features quick dialing buttons, a help signal, voice commands, and a standby time of over 96 hours.

Works with: any moving vehicle (even boats).

1. Coban Real-time GPS Tracking Device

There’s a reason why we put this device at the top of our list. Besides the typical GPS tracking device software, this little tech item also comes with a microphone which can be installed in the vehicle inconspicuously. Basically, the Coban tracking GPS device isn’t simply a tracking device: it’s a fully functional wire-taping system for your car.

And the price for this fully-functional anti-theft system is incredible: $32.31. Although the original software of the device requires a subscription, this can be avoided by using other free GPS tracking device controllers available online.

Works with: all vehicles.

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