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Which is the Best Music Downloader App for Android?

With a wide variety of music streaming apps, an article about the best music downloader app for Android seems obsolete and pointless. After all, why would you crowd your phone’s memory with music files you only listen to once or twice a week, right? Wrong. Music streaming services need a reliable internet connection to work properly, which can be hard to maintain while on the move.

While this can be acceptable for those with generous data plans, the coverage issue goes beyond the amount of MB you have available. Even in big cities there are many places where most providers cannot offer 4G coverage. Subway stations and tunnels are the most used and best example to showcase this, but big parks or courtyards are also common places where mobile users have difficulties in finding 4G or even 3G signal. Hence, the search for the best music downloader app for Android begins.

android device with downloaded music on it

Best Music Downloader App for Android – Free

Before going into the best apps that allow you to download mp3 files directly on your mobile device for free, we have to talk about copyright issues. An app making thousands of files available for you to download doesn’t mean you are legally entitled to do so. Most companies that make these free music downloader apps have no liability when it comes to the origins of the files available through their app. The users are fully responsible for the files they download, and this can be seen in their “Terms and Conditions” section which nobody reads.


With over 30,000,000 available files and more than half of them being mp3s, 4shared seems to be the best music downloader app for Android. If we are to trust almost 4 million users which gave it an average rating of 4.3 stars on Google Play, the app is reliable and easy to use. However, the copyright issue persists since users are accountable for the files they share and download.

Google Play Music

Although it’s mainly used as a music streaming app, Google Play Music frequently offers its users the option to download certain mp3 files or albums for free. Although their variety cannot be compared to other free music downloaders, it’s one of the few ways you can legally download free music on your mobile device. This is why Google Play Music is overall the best music downloader app for Android: It allows you to listen music offline without worrying about your freedom or stealing from the artists you appreciate.

The Best music downloader app for Android

Best Music Downloader App for Android – Paid

When it comes to paid music downloader Apps, the issue is no longer about copyrights or showing appreciation towards your favorite artists. It becomes a matter of diversity, design, and user-friendliness. Let’s see which are the best music downloader apps for Android that are worth their price:

Spotify Premium

The famous music streaming Spotify made its Premium service available to users who wanted more than just stream their favorites from the millions of tracks available. Paying music enthusiasts can enjoy the most popular or the most obscure tunes online and offline without being bothered by ads. The sound quality is impressive and, more importantly, artists get the credit they deserve. Spotify Premium is by far the best music downloader app for Android.

Price: $9.99/month

SoundCloud Go

The famous music streaming service announced its SoundCloud Go feature earlier this year, and it’s only been uphill from there. The service fulfills the needs of users who are looking for the latest hits of popular artists, or the low-key underground sounds and emerging talents. Songs, albums or whole playlists can be downloaded for later offline listening.

Furthermore, SoundCloud Go has a smart feature that automatically downloads songs you “like” or playlists you create. While not much for some, it is a real breakthrough for avid music listeners. With SoundCloud’s Go service, the only matter in question remains the space you have available on your device. No more intrusive ads, the ability to listen offline and an even more extensive music library are things that make SoundCloud Go so great.

Price: $9.99/month

ways to listen to music from your smartphone offline

A Play Store search will reveal dozens of apps that promise variety, swiftness, or performance. However, a glance at the comment section will disclose their true nature: crowded with ads, viruses, or bugs – and this is the best-case scenario. The true issue when using a music downloader app is often overlooked or dismissed as unimportant: copyright infringement.

Although there have been cases of users who have been convicted for illegally downloading mp3 files, it goes beyond this. It’s a matter of rightness and acknowledging the efforts of your favorite artists to create and make their music available to listeners. The best music downloader app for Android is not one that makes millions of mp3s available, but one that properly rewards artists and allows them to continue producing art that appeals to you.

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