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Best Screen Capture Software to Ignite Your Creative Genius

The best screen capture software comes with built-in hotkeys, image editing, webcam support and annotations. Rarely has snapping screenshots been as easy as taking photos of the desktop. In most cases, a screenshot serves a purpose like demonstration, posterity and preservation. Every case will serve a special reason. After looking at the tools, you have some that work best for annotations while others have custom hotkeys and can capture specific regions of the screen with the utmost accuracy. Choosing the best screen capture software ensures you do not have to buy other software to meet your requirements.

Best Screen Capture Software for Easy Creativity

1. Screenshot Captor

Screenshot Captor, one of the best screen capture software

Known as a bit of an overachiever in the world of screenshot taking, this software hands you a second webcam and a document scanning tool. You will also have access to other editing and document scanning tools. In fact, Screenshot Captor adopts and uses ideas far above what you’d expect. For example, you can use the webcam to snap pictures, and you have a toolbox for scanning tools to put crystal imaging on your documents.

The advanced features go even beyond that, however. Ever wished you could take a pic within a scrolling window? This software does that automatically. Plus, it trims the margins. Do you need a screenshot with a region of fixed size? Not a problem! You splice regions out of the screens, annotate and make use of the advanced interface. You can even blur out certain sections of the picture. This adds additional focus to your pictures. While still one of the best screen capture software choices available, Screenshot Captor does have a more esoteric interface that could be improved with greater clarity.

2. SnapDraw Free

SnapDraw Free interface

This brilliant software slices out the need for a third image editing software. You can annotate, crop and edit images as needed. You can do this from both the webcam or with a screenshot. In particular, SnapDraw Free works with backgrounds, borders and it can do amazing fading reflections. Everything has been packaged into a perfect setting, and all you have to do is click on the checkbox. You can take photos of almost everything, and you can even snap pictures of multiple monitors all at one time. You can also take a picture in a window with single objects.

This software is not quite your set-it-and-forget-it screenshot tool. Nevertheless, you have a ton of tools for annotation. You can also layer individual capture windows and the elements for single screenshots. You have tools for 3D transformation to put some more action into your screenshots.

3. Gadwin PrintScreen

Gadwin PrintScreen screenshot being edited

A simple and easy-to-use screenshot tool, you will hear a lot of praise for this software because it offers streamlining and high convenience. It sits silently in the background until the need arises when it bolts into action. Once you have set it, the screen capture binds itself to a pre-chosen hotkey. You can access it from a control panel that automatically hides itself, and it will disappear after you have hit the hotkey to capture the screenshot. You can also choose to snip a rectangular region.

Sadly, Gadwin PrintScreen locks away their image editing and annotation with the Professional edition. The software does not leave you completely stranded, however. You can fix it to automatically add watermarks and shadows to images you have taken.

4. Steam

Game screenshot using Steam

It’s true that Steam primarily works as a platform to buy and download video games digitally. However, Steam includes an overlay for while you play those games. One of those things lets you snap screenshots as needed. Have you ever tried screenshots through the tools built into Windows? You’ll understand how the best screen capture software handles more advanced graphics that leave the basic Windows screenshot with a gray image lost to oblivion.

5. Icecream Screen Recorder

Icecream Screen Recorder screenshot

Technology stemming from the Icecream Apps, this fully free tool records and captures the screen as needed. You have a wide range of support from Windows 8 to Windows 2000. Icecream Screen Recorder works for everyone on a Windows-based PC. Icecream Screen Recorder includes an area selection feature where you can focus on a specific point of the screen. It adds more of a creative flare when you snap screenshots and record them. Along with those things, you have hotkey support and audio settings that will help move projects along.


The best screen capture software depends on purpose. Someone who plays video games will find the Steam software as the best while someone who wants to snap images for an email to send to a friend will find Gadwin Printscreen a better choice. What is your best screen capture software and how does it unlock your inner creative genius? We’d love to hear about some of the creative methods you have used to make the most of screen capture software. While it’s true that Windows does offer a built-in screen capture, it lacks the more advanced features you get with real software.

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