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Top 8 Platforms For Free Audiobooks Online

There is a better way of enjoying your favorite books, even with eyes closed, as compared to reading – listening to free audiobooks online. Regardless of whether you are jogging, traveling or driving, audio books can be handy and add more fun to your day’s activities. Below are reviews of some of the best platforms where you can find free audio books. These sites allow users to download books in mp3 format and play them on mobile devices.

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Key Websites for Free Audiobooks Online

1. Literal Systems

Formerly known as Verkaro, Literal Systems doubles as a free audio book and fundraising platform to support a small community in Santa Fe. The site also features a whole lot of voice works and original stories. Some of them are accredited to local talents. All the free audiobooks online are available either as listenable YouTube plug-ins or downloadable MP3s. While the site does not have a lot in the way of content, the quality is top-notch. Also, navigating Literal Systems is quite easy.

2. Open Culture

It is one of the greatest gateway websites for cultural and educational media. It has an excellent collection of free audiobooks online, some of which are classic, as well as collections from the web. The audio books are alphabetically listed by author’s last name, and organized by genre including poetry, non-fiction, literature, fiction, etc. Open Culture allows users to download and stream their favorite reads in various audio formats.

3. Thought Loud

Unlike most of the sites reviewed here, Thought Loud works like Spotify or a podcast in that users stream books online. The company also offers Zip Pass. This allows one to listen to offline downloads at the cost of $10 per year. The navigation and selection are similar to other platforms on the list. It offers everything from the works of Charles Dickens and Jules Verne to Franz Kafka’s The Metamorphosis. All the files are broken down into multiple segments rather than single files for easy streaming of your favorite free audiobooks online.

4. Podiobooks

It showcases some of the internet’s best off-the-beaten-path audio books. The serialized audio books are delivered via RSS. All you have to do is click on the links to download the narrations. While the collection is relatively limited, it is easy to browse the books by title, release date, award-winning collections, genre and author. You also have the option to donate to their favorite authors under the Urban Fantasy or Hard-Boiled collection.

5. Lit2Go

This is one of the finest platforms for free audiobooks online. The site is run by Florida’s Educational Technology Clearinghouse. It is home to an extensive collection of downloadable poems and short stories. You can browse them by reading levels, collection, genre, title and author. You can also download your favorite reads either as multiple segments or single MP3 files. The black and white artwork that accompanies every book collection and title, as well as the homepage search button, add a nice touch to the site.

6. Project Gutenberg

This platform is home to one of the largest and oldest collection of free audiobooks online. The site is a project by Audio Books For Free in collaboration with LibriVox. Users can browse the books b title, author’s last name and even language. You can also find computer-generated narrations, but these aren’t the best reads. After all, who wants to listen to Jack London’s Call of the Wild by an incompetent knockoff?

7. Free Classic Audio Books

The basic version of the site offers free recordings of The King James Bible, Emma, and Treasure Island. While browsing the site is a bit difficult, users can navigate faster if they know what they are looking for. All the free audiobooks online on the website are downloadable as M4B or MP3 for listening on our computer, smartphone or tablet. All things considered, it is not the best place to look if you want anything newer than Huckleberry Finn.

8. Loyal Books

Formerly known as Books Should Be Free, this website is family-owned and caters to devotees of classic literature. It offers a comprehensive collection of short stories and novels in multiple languages. The books are available in MP4 and MP3 format, as well as a podcast and RSS feed. You can browse titles by popularity, language, and genre. There is also a Google search bar integrated at the top of the page that allows you to search for specific books.

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If you are ready to give free audiobooks online a try, the above platforms will get you started. They are the perfect way to blend the best of two worlds – convenience of easy listening and the joy of reading books.


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