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How To Unblock School Websites Easily

Proxy Websites For School – How to unblock school websites easily

If you have tried to access some websites like MySpace, Facebook or YouTube at school, you may find those sites are blocked. In fact, administrator is blocking those awesome websites using some web filtering software or firewalls. In this situation what to do? Hit some proxy websites. It’s easy and possible to discover some proxy websites for school. Here, we’ve listed some best proxy websites to access websites in school and in workplace.

[UPDATED May 2014]

Some Well-known Proxy Websites For School

How to unblock school websites and how to bypass these network boundaries for surfing freely in your school? I have one easy way out for this situation i.e. web proxy.

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What is web proxy?

In simple words, a web proxy is a website that acts as a gateway to visit other websites. when you access websites using web proxies, you can easily bypass firewalls and web filters.  To access a web proxy, just visit a proxy site and enter the URL of the website that you wish to visit. The proxy server will fetch the web page and display the content directly. Using  web proxies, it’s easy to access blocked websites without installing any software. However if you want to exactly know how to unblock school websites, refer the following video.

If you’re searching for proxy websites for school, don’t forget to check the JavaScript support. If a proxy website doesn’t have a good JavaScript support then it would function improperly.

Top 5 proxy websites for school 2014

While moving towards proxy website, you can identify lots more proxy sites. Therefore, it’s hard for anyone to pick the best one so we have prepared the TOP 5 PROXY WEBSITES FOR SCHOOL. Leap towards the following section to check it:

Hide My Ass [www.hidemyass.com] – It’s one of the reputed proxy website, which exists over 4 years. However, it stands at the top 1000 popular websites list so it’s never been surprise for anyone to see it here in this list.

You Hide [youhide.com] – You hide has a powerful technology, which allowing you to hide your IP address effectively. The UI is very simple and anyone can use it easily.

Anonymouse [anonymouse.org]– Another best proxy websites of 2014 with numerous visitors. This sites stands from 2004 and till now it’s running without any flaws.

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Vtunnel [vtunnel.com] – This proxy website existing since 2004 and still provides excellent service for visitors. So that, i mark this website in the best proxy websites 2014 list.

Proxify [proxify.com] – If you’re looking for advanced options on proxy websites, proxify is the best choice. It’s a UK proxy website with reliable NON-US web proxies.

These are the top 5 proxy websites for school i.e. unblocked proxy sites, which effectively helps to access blocked websites. However, it’s necessary for you to check the new proxies frequently in order to access the blocked sites because network admin always tries to block your access towards proxy websites. But it’s easy to find the new proxies through subscribing proxy mailing list (you can get weekly or daily basis update). Try to search in Google about web proxy list to get the live proxies for accessing blocked websites.

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How to unblock school websites without using proxy websites? Of course, it’s is possible to unblock school websites without using proxies.

  • Just disable the proxy server from the browser
  • Install search stealthy from Chrome web Store and enable it

By these two techniques, you can unblock school websites easily. The following tutorial helps to know how to practice this technique.

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