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Top Minecraft Mods Available On The Market

top minecraft mods

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Minecraft. Even if you’ve never heard of it, you would probably recognize it on sight. Whether it’s the simplistic, blocky textures, the distinctive player avatar in his ragged pants and shirt, or the instantly recognizable visage of the infamous Creeper, it’s hard to argue that Minecraft has become anything other than iconic. With an active fan base numbering in the millions, it stands to reason that such a popular game will see its fair share of people changing the way Minecraft plays. In this article we list the top Minecraft mods available for you in 2018.

Minecraft and What You Need to Know

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Depending on who you ask what Minecraft is, you will likely get a different answer from one person to the next. Such a wildly popular game will have both fans and critics. Before we discuss the top Minecraft mods, it might be prudent to explain exactly what Minecraft is and some things you might not know about the game itself.

1. What Is Minecraft?

At its very core, Minecraft is an open-world, 3D sandbox first-person game, originally created by Markus “Notch” Persson for PC in 2009. Originally little more than a bare-bones tech demo, over the years the game was greatly improved upon, and Minecraft has since become one of the most popular and recognizable games of the 21st century.

Unlike many other games that have linear stories or quest lines, Minecraft’s nature as an open-world sandbox means that there are no actual objectives to accomplish in the classical sense. Aside from an end-game of visiting another dimension and fighting a powerful monster there, what one does in Minecraft is left up largely to the individual playing it. Arguably, the most challenging aspect of the game a new player might face is surviving the first night without dying due to the game’s many enemies or from their own inexperience.

2. What’s the Gameplay Like?

While at first glance the blocky, voxel landscape seems to hint at a game that’s simplistic and unpolished, Minecraft is anything but. As the name implies, two major game-play mechanics are mining and crafting. Many materials are needed to craft better weapons, armor, and tools, and these materials can only be obtained by first mining them from the earth.


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This activity is made all the more dangerous by the game’s many hostile enemies. Such enemies range from simple zombies and skeletons, to giant spiders and hostile wolves, to the esoteric Endermen and the game’s iconic mascot, the Creeper. In addition to hostile ‘mobs,’(what the game calls NPCs), there are a variety of passive and neutral mobs. Wildlife such as birds and rabbits and fish can be found in the game world, as well as livestock such as cows, pigs and chickens, which the player can breed for food or resources.

The world of Minecraft features an extremely wide variety of biomes to visit. Regions consisting of frozen tundra, empty desert, and lush jungles are all found within the Overworld dimension of the game, as well as the more common grasslands and plains. Another dimension, the Nether, is an underground area of the game world that is full of fire and lava and just-as-dangerous enemies. The game’s third and final dimension, appropriately named the End, is a region composed of floating islands and strange structures, and is the home of the game’s final and most dangerous enemy, the Ender Dragon.

Exploration is another big aspect of Minecraft. Many of the resources a player needs can only be found in specific biomes or even other dimensions altogether, requiring the player to travel in search of them. The final major aspect of Minecraft might be the multiplayer aspect. Currently, it is possible for players to connect to a central server and play alongside other people, regardless of whether they are playing on a computer, game console, or mobile device.

3. What Is Modding?

In the context of this article, “modding” refers to modifications made by players to the base code of a video game. While many video games aren’t particularly easy to modify, many others are, especially on the PC, and Minecraft is no exception. Over the years, Minecraft’s community has created countless mods of all kinds, ranging from simple mods that tweak one aspect or another to massive game-wide overhauls to change the very nature of Minecraft itself.

Also, something to keep in mind in regards to mods to Minecraft is that only the Java Edition of Minecraft is abled to be modified, so make sure you’re using Java Minecraft if you want to use mods.

4. What Else to Know

Ultimately, Minecraft can be as challenging as you want it to be. Whether you want to play a game with your children, explore a wide-open world, adventure through a dark and dangerous dungeon, or just waste time, Minecraft might be worth checking out.

The Top Minecraft Mods of 2018

Ultimately, Minecraft can be as challenging as you want it to be. Whether you want to play a game with your children, explore a wide-open world, adventure through a dark and dangerous dungeon, or just waste time, Minecraft might be worth checking out.

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If you are tired of the drab and boring villages and villagers that regular ol’ Minecraft has to offer, then you might find that Millénaire is exactly the thing you’re looking for to spruce up your game. As its download page explains, this mod aims to fill the emptiness left by the default Minecraft villages. Millénaire does just this by adding new NPC villages loosely based on cultures and civilizations that existed during the 11th-century Medieval era. What’s more, every single NPC is unique, and they all have their own stories to tell or quests in need of accomplishing.

In addition to adding multiple kinds of villages with their own cultures, Millénaire allows the player to upgrade and improve a given village over time by interacting and trading with the NPCs. Gradually, player can help a small impoverished village with a few huts become a large and prosperous city. Other additions include hostile Bandit mobs, helping to construct Wonders, and the ability to do quests for the various NPCs. This is definitely one of the top Minecraft mods.

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A fun little mod, Quark does a wide variety of very small or simple things for Minecraft. As its website explains, “anything that would be added to Quark could also be added to the default game without compromising its gameplay style.” To that end, Quark takes its place as one of the top Minecraft mods due to the many changes to improve the player experience in Minecraft as a whole.

To list all off the small changes and improvements Quark adds to Minecraft would be difficult in the bounds if this article. However, a few do stand out. For instance, Quark adds a number of various redstone components, such as new types of pressure plates, a randomizer, and sensors for detecting mobs and even the weather. A lot of existing blocks in Minecraft have variations of them added by Quark, such as block forms of certain items like sugar and sugarcane, quilted wool, scorched bricks, different types of wooden furniture and many others.

There are a large variety of other additions too. There are several new hostile mobs added by Quark, as well as changes made to existing mobs. Crystal Caves and other underground biomes are a new addition as well, adding detail to a part of the game that’s remained largely unchanged. And there are far, far too many small game-play tweaks to list here. Fortunately, Quark is highly modular, allowing the player to enable or disable any part they wish.

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To put it simply, it’s Pokémon in Minecraft. That alone makes this one of the top Minecraft mods. Like in the games and cartoon series, Pixelmon quite literally puts you in the shoes of a Pokémon trainer. What Pixelmon brings to the game is hundreds of Pokémon that you can find and collect, ranging from common Pokémon, such as Bulbasaur and Charmander, to stronger and rarer Pokémon, such as Gyrados and Charizard. You can train and level up your creatures and battle other players in fights and duels.

The mod also has a number of other features. In addition to a wide array of custom attacks and animations for each of the mod’s 500+ Pokémon, the mod features a fully fleshed-out Pokédex with details on all the Pokémon present in the mod. The mod also includes various other items, such as Pokémon-themed furniture, fully modeled Pokéballs, and many others.

minecraft axe

Dungeon Pack

axe minecraft

If you feel that the dungeons and mineshafts in Minecraft are rather drab or dull, or you are simply looking for something that adds more flavor and variety to the game world, then Dungeon Pack might be able to scratch that itch. As the name implies, this mod adds a large variety of mid- and late-game content to Minecraft in the form of various dungeons and structures you can explore and conquer.

The mod features everything from the classic underground dungeon filled with monsters, to massive mountain-spanning structures on the surface, to even various boats and ships out on the ocean. If you like to explore or properly adventure through the world, then you’ll love Dungeon Pack. Another firm inclusion on the top Minecraft mods list.

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This mod takes Minecraft to the final frontier: outer space. Exploring outer space and other planets is the name of the game in Galacticraft, which adds the ability for the player to not only build a rocket and travel to other planets, but to explore and colonize those planets.

In addition to being able to build and customize a rocket ship, Galacticraft adds a ton of other content, such as life support systems and spacesuits to help you survive on an airless and hostile world, as well as new blocks and items to craft and find. Galacticraft also adds a variety of new mobs, some of which are a new take on existing mobs.

minecraft axe


axe minecraft

If you feel that taking a wood stairs block and slapping a pair of signs on either side to make a chair is boring, or putting a pressure plate on a fencepost is silly, then Decocraft might be just the mod for you. Adding over three hundred new furniture props and items to Minecraft, this mod allows you to harness your interior decorator. Sinks and toilets for a bathroom, wardrobes and four-poster beds for your bedroom, and a full dining room set for your dining room, Decocraft has furniture galore.

In addition to an impressive collection of furniture, the mod also features many mundane and decorative items with which to decorate your abode or settlement. Plates and silverware to decorate your dining table, various musical instruments, and many other things are available with this mod. If you name it, Decocraft probably has it, making the mod a solid addition to the top Minecraft mods list.

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Advanced Rocketry

axe minecraft

Essentially Galacticraft but taken to its logical extreme, the Advanced Rocketry mod is all about space and space exploration. Unlike Galacticraft, Advanced Rocketry is considerably more complex, taking rocket construction and customization to a whole other level. But with that complexity comes new challenges and dangers. Despite the danger, the mod has much to offer. You can build space stations, construct bases on other planets, and even visit other entirely new star systems.

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Billed as “Survival Mode as it should have been” by its creators, TerraFirmaCraft essentially redefines the early game experience of Minecraft by changing how you create and obtain many tools and items, while introducing many other essentials to the game. The mod is structured around technological progression through three different “ages,”: stone, casting, and iron. To this end, the mod introduces countless new items and blocks that you can harvest to craft new tools and equipment unique to the mod.

The mod also overhauls the world generator, introducing new terrain and world elements unique to the mod. Weather and temperature have also been greatly overhauled, and biomes can now have changing seasons with appropriate weather to accompany them.

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Instant Lake

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If you find filling your swimming pool or lava moat to be rather tedious, then this is the mod you didn’t know you needed. As the name pretty much implies, the Instant Lake mod lets you craft instant lakes. The mod introduces several items that allow you to quickly and efficiently fill an empty space with water or lava. The mod also has an item called the Magic Bucket that allows you to just as quickly remove all that water and lava. This is a simple mod, but a valuable addition to this list.

minecraft axe


axe minecraft

Last but not least on this list, we have Fastcraft. While this mod doesn’t add anything to the game per se, it is especially invaluable to gamers who might have an older computer. Essentially a set of optimization tweaks to Minecraft, Fastcraft can help your game run faster, smoother, and all around better, earning it a spot on our list of the top Minecraft mods.

The Verdict

At the end of the day, what one considers to be the top Minecraft mod is entirely subjective, depending on the person asking the question. Regardless of what you want out of Minecraft, we hope this list helps you find which mod or mods you’d like to try out.

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