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10 Best GBA emulators for android: Now play Gameboy Advance games on Android

If you’re searching for the best GBA emulators for android with good frame-rate then you’re in the right place here, I’ve listed the top 10 android GBA emulators in 2014.  The best thing in android over iOS is that you don’t have to jailbreak your device to install GBA emulator rather you can install directly from Google Play store.

List of Best GBA emulators for android

#10 Gameboy advance emulator for android: MyGBA


It is one of the finest emulator to play GBA games on Android but it doesn’t come with any preloaded games. In order to play, you’ve to get ROMs on your SD card.  The control layout is perfect and offers great gaming experience. There is no fast forward and cheat options, besides that its nice app and never crashes while playing.

#9 best Android GBA emulator: RetroArch


This is the only emulator featured with xbr shader (a filter) that gives retro games a more modern HD look. It’s certainly a powerful, all in one emulator to play your favorite retro games on android. All GBA games runs perfectly at full speed and the controls are less clumsy as compared to other emulators. While playing you may face on-screen control issues, there is nothing wrong with this app. just go to input setting then select the gamepad overlay and choose one. On the other hand, make sure to set opacity of the on-screen high enough so that the controls never blink or disappear. Overall, it’s a brilliant all in one emulator with impressive performance.

#8 best GBA emulator for android: GBA.emu


GBA.emu is yet another GBA emulator for android that offers smooth gameplay with excellent controls. It’s extremely easy to set up but what I noticed is that, it fails to hold some filtering options like anisotropic and bilinear filtering. However it’s not a big deal as it offers great gaming experience. There is no cheat and fast forward options, this is bit disappointing. Finally, if you want to play your favorite GBA games like Pokemon and Mario on your tablet/phone then this is one best GBA emulator worth try.

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#7 best gameboy emulator for android: Mobile Gameboy


This emulator comes with some preloaded games like Little Fantasy, Q-Bert etc. if you want to play more GBA or GBC games then you should get ROMs. Using external Bluetooth/USB controllers, trackball, keyboard, you can control this emulator.  If you want to save your game progress then you should pay for full version. Currently, its MOGA enhanced and runs on the Nvidia shield. Like other android emulators, it doesn’t have fast forward option overall it’s a great package.

#6 Top android GBA emulator: VGBA


VGBA comes with a special feature called Cheatopedia, which offers cheat codes for all familiar Gameboy advance games. Another great advantage of this emulator is that you can share your Gameboy game progress with your friends so that they can continue where you have left off (State Exchange feature). With the help of network play you can trade Pokemon or battle with other VGBA users via WiFi. Overall, it’s praise worthy as compared to its features.

#5 best GBA emulator for android: ClassicBoy


ClassicBoy is truly a great emu for retro game lovers. It’s like RetroArch emulator, which supports various consoles that includes PS1, N64, GBA, GBC, SNK NeoGeo and NES. It doesn’t come with preloaded games; you can get your favorite games from coolr0m. The sensor controller and other cool features are only available in FULL version. The traditional input and external joystick mapping are provided as base functions in the LITE version.

#4 Top android GBA emulator: Retro Game Boy and Advance


Retro Game boy advance (RGBA) is one of the best emulator with some unique features to enhance your gaming experience. Whenever the app closes accidentally you don’t have to worry about that because this emu auto-saves your current gaming progress every time it shutdowns. You may notice some annoying ads while playing but it is a big issues. The frame rate is perfect and runs all retro games flawlessly.

#3 best GBA emulator for android: GBA


This is one of the best Pokemon emulator for android that runs smoothly on all devices. It is featured with fast forward option to skip the long annoying conversations while playing. Cheats may not work at sometimes otherwise it is best emulator compared to others. Like Retro Game Boy, this emulator also comes with auto-save feature. The control layout is perfect and works like charm.

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#2 best GBA android emulator: John GBA Lite


This is a great app for anyone who misses their old school GBA games. It works great on all games but sometimes you may face audio problems. It runs all games smoothly just like the actual gameboy (but with ads). As like other emulators, it also comes with fast forward option.

#1 best GBA emulator for android: My Boy


This is a light, clean emulator that runs super fast compared to other emulators. In free version, you can save/load game progress within the game and not from the emulator’s menu. It supports cheats and fast forward options. The controls are seamless, also featured with on-screen keypad. Overall, My Boy is by far the best android GBA emulator on the market.

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