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12 Best vintage turntables of all time

Best vintage turntables

Vintage turntables are the symbol of history that drives the music lovers a step back in time. Of course, discovering the best vintage turntable is not an easiest task as there were numerous models available on the market. So I’ve framed the best vintage turntables on this post. Enjoy the list followed by:

[UPDATED May 2014]

#12 Pyle Home PTCDS7UIB Retro Vintage Turntable

Price: $189

If you’re looking for a versatile turntable with modern technology, then you should definitely consider this model. This system lets you to combine classical records with today’s modern audio files effectively. The attractive piece of design definitely grabs the attention of your friends and family.

Of course, this classic vinyl record player has the ability to play wide variety of music. You can enjoy your vinyl records, cassettes, CDs, or you can tune into AM/FM radio. Another great feature of this model is, you can connect external devices like iphone, iPod, Smartphone or any other MP3 players to listen your favorite tracks. The illuminated LCD display and easy navigation control panel delivers a great interface to operate it.

This vintage turntable has the ability to convert your favorite records to MP3 via SD or USB ports. Finally, if you’re desperately looking for a best vintage turntable for the money, then prefer this model.

#11 Crosley Radio CR7002A PA Troubadour Turntable

price: $169

Enjoy the wave of vinyl resurgence and preserve the records digitally with the help of Croslet Radio CR7002A PA turntable. Just connect your SD or USB card in front slot and press “record” while playing your vinyl records. You’ve the full freedom to transfer your long-lost tunes to CD or MP3 players for more convenient listening.

This vintage turntable has the ability to play music from your SD or USB cards, as well as cassettes, CD’s and AM/FM radio. The wood panel of the system delivers a complete vintage style look for the system.

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#10 Pyle Home PVNTT6UMT Vintage Style Turntable

price: $99

The classical style of Pyle Home PVNTT6UMT is blended with today’s silicon based technology that delivers a gratifying vinyl experience. The build in speakers allows you to enjoy full range of music without any additional hardware. Once you’ve done listening music, close the lid to visualize the complete classy appearance.

The simple USB output lets you to capture music right into your computer easily. You can covert records to MP3, WAV, OGG, WMA and to many other formats. The RCA line out from this turntable helps to connect with home theater system. You can show-off your turntable and play music in a crowd of friends and family. In fact, even without external speakers it delivers a perfect audio quality. Eventually, it’s a best vintage turntable to enjoy your golden tracks.

#9 Electrohome Wellington 4-In-1 Nostalgia Turntable

price: $139

Electrohome is a combination of yesterday’s appeal with today’s technology with a classical pattern. This elegant handcrafted system allows you to listen all kind of music that includes vinyl records, MP3s, CDs and radio. This system has the ability to play 33, 45 and 78 RPM vinyl records without any interrupts. The slide-out CD tray provides the classic look for the system while the digital display delivers modern functionalities.

Like most other best vintage turntables, this model also allows to record collections easily with the touch of a button. The USB encoder lets you to play music directly from your USB. Not only the system is great for entertaining but the nostalgic looks deliver an extra décor to the system.   The powerful combination of modern technology with the attractive vintage style look shows Electrohome Wellington 4-In-1 Nostalgia as best vintage turntable in the market.

#8 Pyle-Home PTCDS3UIP Classical Trumpet Horn Turntable

price: $249

In fact, phonograph was invented in 19th century but it remains same as over hundred years. Now you can retrieve the look of classic phonograph with modern technology with the help of Pyle-Home PTCDS3UIP. This system easily attracts people’s eye with its classical look and it’ll be the center piece in any room.

With the help of build-in speakers, you can enjoy a full range of audio without any additional hardware. The horn from this turntable actually functions great and amplifies sound waves to deliver high quality sound. This vinyl record player can play wide variety of music, you can enjoy your vinyl records, cassettes, CDs etc. in fact, Pyle is one of the best vintage turntable brands on the market. You can consider this model to enjoy unlimited music.

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#7 Victoria GDI-TW3USB

Price: $189

It is a multi functioning music system with a unique recording feature from vinyl records and cassettes or directly to your Mac or PC. You can edit your favorite records with the help of sound editor, which is equipped inside the system.

You can digitalize your entire cassette and vinyl collection using this model. The radio system works like charm without any interrupts, you can enjoy unlimited music. The elegant vintage look delivers a pleasant look to your room.  From the whole, it is a best vintage player to spend your time enjoyably.

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