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Bypass iCloud Activation Lock – Can it Really be Done?

an iphone locked with iCloud Activation Lock

So you purchased a second-hand iOS device and the owner forgot to disable the iCloud Activation Lock. Or maybe you found one and see no reason to return it because, as we know since early childhood, finders keepers. What can you do about it? In short, you can’t do much – not in 2016, not anymore. Before going to the …

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What is a VOB File and What Opens It?

what is a vob file and how to open it

If you are an avid movie fan and sometimes rent or buy DVDs to watch at home, you probably stumbled upon a special file format that left you wondering: What is a VOB file? Well, this is the reason we created this website: To spread knowledge on the wonders of technology. Here’s everything you need to know about VOB files: …

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Free Screenwriting Software – 5 of the Best for You

a script written with a free screenwriting software

Those of you with experience in screenwriting or who aspire to become a famous screenwriter someday know the struggle of finding a good and free screenwriting software. While some of the paid versions are loaded with features that can be useful, but most of the time a simple software that does one thing well is needed. If the Microsoft Word …

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Which Are the Best Tumblr Editing Apps?

the Tumblr logo

It’s impossible to surf the web without stumbling into a Tumblr post here and there. If this is your case, you might have noticed that Tumblr image submissions have a particular style: A certain combination of minimalism and photo effects is needed to create them. Here are the best Tumblr editing apps to help you create unique image submissions in …

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6 Best MMO Games to Play This Year

best mmo games of 2016

No matter what your video game genre of choice is, there is an MMO that fits you perfectly. Space exploration, fantasy worlds, or 20th-century war battles are just some of the worlds you can explore within a Massively Multiplayer Game. Check out our whitelist of the best MMO games which are bound to shift you to intimidatingly huge universes: Best …

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Backblaze Review – What Makes It Different?

Backblaze review - logo

Backblaze is a cloud solution for OS X and Windows that uses its software and web application to backup files. Launched in 2007, it has become a popular backup solution for individuals and businesses alike. Considering this, we decided to see what it’s about and create a Backblaze review. Backblaze Review – an In-Depth Analysis Backblaze is a good example …

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Which is the Best Music Downloader App for Android?

android device with downloaded music on it

With a wide variety of music streaming apps, an article about the best music downloader app for Android seems obsolete and pointless. After all, why would you crowd your phone’s memory with music files you only listen to once or twice a week, right? Wrong. Music streaming services need a reliable internet connection to work properly, which can be hard …

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What is the Best Police Scanner App?

best police scanner app

Many Android or iPhone users are looking for the best police scanner app in order to stay informed and find out important events in their area before they are broadcasted on the news. Given the wide variety of such apps, finding the best one for you can be a difficult task. Generally, what matters most is the sound quality of …

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