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10 Sites Like Thinkgeek to Feed Your Nerdy Side

Yo-yo.com screenshot

Over the years, the geek lifestyle has grown into a living and breathing culture where people of like minds come together and share their ideas and buy geeky merchandise. If you love to visit Thinkgeek because of the toys for adults and stylish clothing and gadgets, you will love some of these sites like Thinkgeek, which include the favorite geeky …

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5 Best Android Flashlight Apps Available Today

how Flashlight LED Light works

Picking the best Android flashlight app can be very frustrating. The majority of the available options request permissions on your device that are often unnecessary. Fortunately, there are several flashlight apps available that only require minimum permissions to operate and they’re free. This article is going to explore five of the best Android flashlight apps available today. We will organize them …

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Best Productivity Apps for Mac to Try

Dropbox screenshot

Our Mac computers are designed to make our lives easier. Fortunately, there are many applications available for your Mac that can further boost your productivity and improve your experience. This article is going to explore six of the best productivity apps for Mac. We will list them according to their popularity and provide a little bit of background information relating …

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