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7 Best Budget Apps for iPad to Manage Your Personal Finances

young woman sitting on the couch using her iPad

It’s not a simple process to manage your finances. In fact, without the right tools, it can be quite challenging to do. To give you a hand, in this guide, we outlined seven of the best budget app for iPad to help you better manage your finances, such as transaction tracking and recording your debt. So, what are you waiting …

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6 Best DJ Apps for iPad to Take Your Party to the Next Level

Cross DJ app on iPad

When the iPad first appeared nobody could imagine how far it would go. It began as an iPhone with a larger display. But over time the more powerful processors and large screen have made it an indispensible tool. The music world in particular has shown a great affinity with the iPad. In this article we’ll consider choices for the best …

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6 Best Handwriting Apps for iPad

BlobbleWriteHD, one of the best handwriting app for ipad

Handwriting is one of the more difficult parts of elementary school. It’s a challenging subject made even harder by lack of instant feedback. Kids seldom have someone nearby every second of the day to tell them if they’re forming letters correctly. But modern tablets have the processing power to recognize handwriting and the screens to properly accept it. We’ll examine …

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6 Best Math Apps for iPad for Kids

Number Rack, by The Math Learning Center

When people think of math they’ll often conjure up images of a chalkboard. There’s something about the tactile nature of writing numbers out onto a surface which seems to help the learning process. But the iPad is rapidly taking over as the goto for written equations. This list will delve into what makes the best math apps great. Ranking will …

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6 Best Piano Apps for iPad for Effective Learning

Ravenscroft 275, Best Piano For Ipad

Musicians often find themselves surprised by how many choices they have for their art. One might not think that this wealth of options would extend to the iPad. But opening up the app store shows just how many choices are out there. Even narrowing things down to pianists leaves a daunting amount of options. In the following article we’ll narrow …

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