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Asus Mobile Devices are AdBlock Ready

"Asus Mobile Devices are AdBlock Ready "
All Asus mobile device will have AdBlock Plus installed by default.

Everybody loves surfing on the Internet. Whether you are searching for that perfect Christmas gift and kitten pictures, the Intenet is your gateway to Heaven. But what about those pesky ads which keeping popping in our opened tabs? Fret not and bow before AdBlock, your savior! Asus Mobile devices are AdBlock ready, being capable of guaranteeing you hours of interrupted web surfing.

AdBlock or AdBlock Plus are pretty nifty tools when it comes to web surfing. Basically, the software is designed to scan individual pages for ad-related elements. If the result is positive, than AdBlock will literally block the element’s content from being displayed on current page.

This is great news indeed, especially for those of us who still have low-budget computers or mobile device. It comes not as a surprise when we say that ads can seriously ruin our mood when searching for something on the Internet.

Ads do not only bombard us with irrelevant information but can also make our computers run the a slug’s grandfather. But since AdBlock Plus became available on the market, everyone was teeming with anticipation of an ad-free web surfing session.

Unfortunately, what’s good for the goose may not be particularly good for the gander, because a lot of sites available on the internet depend on ads. By blocking the ads on certain pages, you are basically taking away their livelihood.

But more on the tech giant’s initiative. As stated, Asus mobile devices are AdBlock ready, meaning that you won’t have to lift a finger in order to get rid of those nasty ads.

Asus has decided to list the AdBlock Plus option under default for all mobile devices. So, if you’re planning one of these devices, then you’re in luck. Asus has decided to save you the trouble of searching for another mobile browser that is capable of using this type of plug-in.

Traditionally, after buying a mobile device, most of us would ignore the pre-installed browser and seek out other lightweight browsers, such as Chrome, Firefox or Opera. Most of them can support the new AdBlock Plus feature.

And now, you won’t have to search for an AdBlock Plus ready mobile browser, because ASUS’s incorporated mobile browser can support the plug-in without any problem.

Still, we are inclined to add one more thing. Once in a while, please add a couple of pages to the exception list. Your device would protest, but you would have done a good deed. Happy device hunting, guys and remember to make an exception once in a while.

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