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8 Best Calorie Counter Apps to Reach Your Diet Goal

Getting fit may seem like a reach to some people, but it’s never been easier. With the hundreds of calorie counting apps on the market, there’s no excuse you can have to give up on your own health. Below, are the top eight calorie counting apps rated from best to worst quality. So, what are you waiting for? It’s time to start counting your calories and reviewing the best calorie counter app.

1. MyFitnessPal

Price: Free.
Website: MyFitnessPal.com.

MyFitnessPal is the best calorie counter app. The app itself has a large food database that has 5 million foods you can choose from to track your meals, whether it be breakfast, lunch, or dinner. MyFitnessPal can also remember your favorite foods and track multiple foods in a single meal. There’s also a barcode scanner for easier tracking. For convenience, you can also import recipes and connect other fitness apps, such as Fitbit, Garmin, Apple Health, etc. MyFitnessPal can also track your water intake as well as your macros.

MyFitnessPal, best calorie counter app

2. MyNetDiary

Price: Free.
Website: MyNetDiary.com.

The American Journal of Preventative Medicine decrees MyNetDiary as one of the best calorie counter app on the market. Many users evens say it’s “like having a nutritionist in my pocket.” To start, set your weight goal and then let the app automatically analyze your food intake, determine what macros you need to consume, and inform you on dieting tips and advice. All you need to do is record your food intake and exercise habits, the app will do the rest.

MyNetDiary calorie tracker

3. Nutritionix Track

Price: Free.
Website: Nutritionix.com.

Nutritionix Track is a mobile app that’s maintained by a team of leading dieticians. However, the app acts as both a calorie-counter and meal tracker. In under a minute a day, you will be displayed all the nutrient information of the foods you eat. Plus, the app also has a barcode scanning feature and menus from over 640 chain restaurants across the nation. Tracking your calories has never been easier!

Nutritionix Track calorie counter app

4. SparkPeople

Price: Free.
Website: SparkPeople.com.

SparkPeople offers you plenty of tools for calorie-counting, such as reports, demos, and a 4-million item filled database. There’s even a specialized fitness section that you can use to track your workout reps, sets, and weights. In the app, you can use the barcode scanning feature to find out nutritional information and track nutrients in the food you eat every day. The SparkPeople app also has a calorie calculator to better determine how many calories you’re eating with every meal.

SparkPeople, calorie tracker

5. Lose It!

Price: Free.
Website: LoseIt.com.

The Lose It app is a fun tool to use that perfects the ability to record food and track calories throughout the day. With its search, scan, and snap features, it’s never been easier to record the meals you eat every day in their database of over seven million foods. Plus, you can also create customized meal plans based on your weight goals as well.

Lose It!, calorie counter

6. Fooducate

Price: Free.
Website: Fooducate.com.

This app goes above and beyond when it comes to healthy eating. Fooducate doesn’t just count your calories, it focuses on the quality of the calories. The app uses your age, gender, weight, height, and activity level to help you reach your diet goals. You can track foods, recipes, and scan barcodes. Additionally, Fooducate offers healthier alternatives to the foods you are already eating.

Fooducate calorie tracker

7. Noom Coach

Price: Free.
Website: Noom.com.

Noom Coach is designed to easily take you from the planning phase of weight loss to the active phase. It provides daily plans based on the information you input like your meals, weight, exercise, and your blood pressure and glucose. This app can also track your steps without killing your phone’s battery. You can upgrade from the free app to take advantage of an intensive training course with a coach and a supportive community. With Noom Coach, you can also join in on challenges and read articles that will keep you motivated to stay on top of your diet goals.

Noom Coach calorie counter

8. FatSecret

Price: Free.
Website: FatSecret.com.

FatSecret stands out from all the other apps on this list because of its clean design and easy to use functionality. Additionally, this app is totally free and does not offer in-app purchases or upgrades. This makes the app even simpler to use.

FatSecret provides many of the same features that other calorie tracking apps do, including a food diary, barcode scanner, and image recognition of products, foods, and meals. This app also offers a weight tracker, exercise diary, goal tracking, and a spot to record details. As an added bonus, you can also view meal ideas and recipes and share your food journals with trainers.

Noom Coach fitness app

Summing Up

Counting your calories can be a great way to stay on top of your diet. With these eight apps, you can track your progress and meet all of your weight loss goals. Have you used the best calorie counter app in the past? Tell us about your experiences in the comments below.

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