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6 Best Handwriting Apps for iPad

Handwriting is one of the more difficult parts of elementary school. It’s a challenging subject made even harder by lack of instant feedback. Kids seldom have someone nearby every second of the day to tell them if they’re forming letters correctly. But modern tablets have the processing power to recognize handwriting and the screens to properly accept it. We’ll examine the six most notable apps in order to find the best handwriting app for iPad.

6. Penultimate

Penultimate By Evernote

Penultimate would score higher among the best handwriting app for iPad if not for somewhat limited appeal. Most apps focus on helping younger students learn handwriting skills. While Penultimate instead targets older students who want to get practical use out of that skill. It’s free on the App Store for anyone to try on an iOS device.

The biggest advantage comes from Evernote integration. It’s easy to share the results of one’s writing session. Whether that’s simply online backup or providing access to friends.

The biggest disadvantage is the niche appeal. This is an app which will get the most use only after one has mastered another best handwriting app for iPad.

5. BlobbleWriteHD

BlobbleWriteHD, one of the best handwriting app for ipad

BlobbleWriteHD is a free handwriting app which one can download on the App Store. The app uses cute cartoonish “blobbles” to help kids learn basic handwriting skills. It also provides audio feedback to ensure children have the proper phonetic associations with their letters.

The biggest advantage of BlobbleWriteHD is the colorful Blobbles. The simple design of these cartoon characters provides instant appeal for children. When kids like the characters in an educational game they’re far more likely to enjoy the experience.

The most significant disadvantage is the overall simplicity. BlobbleWriteHD earns a place as one of the best handwriting app for iPad by excelling in what it does. But it doesn’t really push the limits or try to innovate past the basics of handwriting lessons.

4. Dexteria Jr.

Dexteria Jr., best handwriting app for ipad

People often forget that handwriting involves quite a bit of muscle training. Writing letters involves using one’s fingers in ways that are quite distinct from what’s come before. Dexteria Jr. helps kids learn to write through the development of fine motor skills. The app is also notable for the younger than average target age range. It’s aimed at preschool level children whose parents want to get them started as soon as possible. Dexteria Jr. is available on the App Store for $3.99.

Dexteria Jr’s biggest advantage comes from excellence within a particular niche. There aren’t many high quality apps designed to teach writing dexterity to preschool age children. Dexteria Jr. is able to do so while also presenting a very polished interface.

The biggest disadvantage also comes from the intended age range. Children will usually outgrow the app rather quickly.

3. Writing Wizard

Cursive Writing Wizard Premium

Writing Wizard teaches handwriting skills through tracing. The app presents children with a variety of different words which they’re then able to trace. But the most entertaining part of the experience comes from the fact that parents can add new words into the system. Writing Wizard is available on the App Store for $4.99.

Writing Wizard’s biggest advantage comes from how easily parents can create a custom experience. Parents can add new words for their kids to trace at any time. Children tend to respond well to anything which speaks to their individual experiences. By having words relate to their lives the app draws children into the experience.

Writing Wizard’s biggest disadvantage is the price. Most of the other best handwriting app for iPad selections provide more for a lower cost. But the price is worth it if that particular method of teaching is the perfect match for one’s child.

2. Montessorium: Intro to Cursive

Montessorium: Intro to Cursive app

Montessorium: Intro to Cursive is a handwriting app with an impressive background. The app is part of the Montessorium suite of educational software. As one might expect, it uses state of the art teaching methods based on the Montessori method. The end result is an app that excels at fundamentals while maintaining a streamlined design. It’s available on the app store for $4.99.

The app’s biggest advantage comes from the Montessori method itself. Children already working within that system should find that the app is a perfect match for their expectations.

The most significant disadvantage is the lack of showmanship. Montessorium: Intro to Cursive presents material in a more academic style than many other apps.

1. iTrace

iTrace, best handwriting app for iPad

It’s hard to narrow iTrace down to a single category. The app uses a wide variety of tools to teach kids proper handwriting skills. Children are quickly drawn into the experience due to the colorful artwork featured within the app. And a series of rewards and interactive experiences will ensure that their attention never wavors. It even supports multiple users so friends can share the learning experience with each other. iTrace is available for iPads on the App Store for $3.99.

The biggest advantage of iTrace is the wide scope. iTrace covers almost everything involved with learning and honing a child’s handwriting skills. But not only are those items present in the app, they’re perfected there as well. The app excels in almost every conceivable part of the learning experience.

The only downside to iTrace is that the full experience is limited to iPads. Even other iOS based devices, such as iPhones, will see some feature restrictions such as limited printer support.

Summing Up

In conclusion, one will notice the biggest difference in the apps is style. Every child is unique, and has their own individual method of learning. Part of deciding on the best handwriting app for iPad will involve considering individual interests.

Part of that process also involves discussing results with other parents and teachers. Sharing experiences with these or other apps can help everyone find the absolute best app for the children in their lives.

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