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6 Best Piano Apps for iPad for Effective Learning

Musicians often find themselves surprised by how many choices they have for their art. One might not think that this wealth of options would extend to the iPad. But opening up the app store shows just how many choices are out there.

Even narrowing things down to pianists leaves a daunting amount of options. In the following article we’ll narrow down the piano apps to the best of the best. We’ll primarily judge apps based on versatility and effectiveness.

Ravenscroft 275, Best Piano For Ipad

6. The Piano Keyboard

The Piano Keyboard ranks lower on the list due to overall simplicity. But this simplicity is also why one might rank it as the best piano app for iPad. People often assume that the more features an app has the more they’ll enjoy it.

But when someone needs to quickly calculate a tip they’ll go for a simple calculator app. An app which emulates scientific calculators would be overkill. The features would slow one down rather than offer up any real help. The Piano Keyboard app is a pianist’s version of a simple calculator.

The app attempts to simulate a basic piano keyboard. It’s fantastic for quickly tapping something out. The app works far better than if one were to simply hum a tune to someone. And using the Piano Keyboard hardly takes any time to launch and use. The fact that it’s free on the app store makes it worth a try.

5. Piano 3D

Piano 3D’s elegant presentation is self apparent. The piano has an elegance to it that’s often more apparent in practice than in theory. Sitting behind a majestic piano produces feelings that are hard to replicate on paper. Or even in a digital form.

But Piano 3D manages to evoke much of that elegance through 3D models. The app helps motivate people through realistic imagery and atmosphere. It can really feel as if one is performing in a classical setting.

Piano 3D’s main downside comes from the price. The basic app is free. But some premium features like extra songs require a payment of $7.99. This freemium payment model doesn’t fit in with some people’s learning style.

4. Ravenscroft 275

The Ravenscroft 275 app offers an impressive simulation of a high quality piano. Most apps try to replicate the sound of an average piano. But any accomplished pianist can attest to the personality of different builds.

The reason why Ravenscroft 275 ranks as a best piano app for iPad is authenticity. Sitting down with the app is very similar to sitting down with a top of the line piano. The original Ravenscroft was made to an exacting standard which may never be met again. And the physical object is probably out of one’s reach. But the app recreates it in a way which would be impossible in any other age.

The main downside is that some people prefer a less unique sound. This is especially true for people writing music professionally. In those cases it’s often best to come closer rather than further away from what they’ll be using. The other issue keeping it lower in ranking comes from the price. It sells for $35.99 on the app store. While not a huge cost, it is somewhat larger than the market standard.

3. Yousician

Yousician ranks as a choice for best piano app for iPad due to gamification. Gamification involves mixing real world learning with video game style rewards. The idea is proving itself in everything from jogging to nutrition.

Yousician uses gamification to help people learn to play the piano for free. Every part of the learning process has a unique gaming element. It can encourage people to learn simply out of curiosity over what’s coming next. Yousician can even give a rough estimate of one’s overall progress when playing.

The biggest downside is that Yousician isn’t entirely focused on the piano. It also teaches the guitar and ukulele. People who prefer to focus on a single subject might find those additions distracting.

2. Piano Maestro

The iPad is proof that Apple understands elegant design. As such, one should take note when they give special attention to a piano app. Apple rated Piano Maestro as the number one educational app in 20 countries. And it’s easy to see why one would consider it as the best piano app for iPad. Especially given that it’s free.

Piano Maestro provides a wealth of resources for both piano teachers and students. The app provides many of the same utilitarian functions as other piano apps. But the most important component is how it facilitates communication. Students and teachers can share ideas, assignments, results and almost anything else through the app.

The only real disadvantage comes from the student teacher dynamic. People trying to learn the piano on their own might find the app ill suited to the task.

1. GarageBand

The choice of best piano app for iPad isn’t easy. But one can be certain that GarageBand will always be a top contender. Anyone familiar with the history of Apple knows why this is the case.

Macs have a reputation for multimedia and artistic works. And much of it comes from the fact that Garage Band ships with OSX. The iOS version of GarageBand features almost all of the same features. A combination of iPad and GarageBand essentially means one can travel with a full recording studio.

One can work on instrumentation, recording, editing, publishing and almost anything else related to sound. Not to mention that many Mac users are already familiar with the program. The fact that GarageBand is free shows why it’s usually considered the best piano app for iPad.

The only minor downside of GarageBand comes from the brand. GarageBand is an Apple product which works best with the Apple product line. People who aren’t using a Mac might find themselves struggling with certain aspects of this app.

Summing Up

In conclusion, one should remember that subjectivity and art are constant companions. All of these apps have a unique take on the piano. And they’ll speak to different people in different ways.

Music is an incredibly personal form of self expression. When music speaks to people it can move them in amazing ways. Anyone who tries these apps and discovers that amazing feeling should share the experience. It’s a great way of helping everyone reach their true musical potential.

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