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Best Project Management Software and Platforms – Top 5 Options

Ever used email to communicate with essential clients or send documents or create a to-do list? Whether you have a small or big project, having project management software puts everything into perspective and maintains organization. It keeps everything on track and ahead of deadline. You also dodge many delays and errors when you have better organization skills. With the best project management software, you communicate with your team and keep clients informed throughout the process.

Best Project Management Software


Basecamp, one of the best project management software

Considered a leading project management and collaboration tool, Basecamp ranks as some of the best of project management software available. You open it for a simple and easy interface, and you can collaborate with your favorite clients and teammates. This lets you build up numerous projects and design discussions. You can manage files, write to-do lists and share documents as needed. Basecamp offers full responsiveness, and you can check statues and manage projects as needed. The basic plan for Basecamp starts at $20 a month. The biggest disadvantage you will encounter here is how the company does not foster communication within the teams.

Teamwork Projects

Teamwork Projects screenshots

Known as the ultimate tool for productivity, Teamwork Projects lets you manage projects on a team, and you can also comb over tasks and files from a single location. It makes collaboration much easier. You can also visualize your entire project with a marked calendar, setup reporting and a Gantt chart. Google Drive, Dropbox and Box.com are all supported with Teamwork Projects. You will also enjoy full integration with the leading apps, and you will have access to customer support and accounting software. This product starts at just $12 a month, and you can add an unlimited number of users.


ActiveCollab screenshot

One of the best project management software choices, ActiveCollab boosts your projects with some of the more advanced features in project management. For example, you have tracking expenses and invoicing. Since version 5.0 ActiveCollab revamps their app with a focused project management tool that has power. You have great team collaboration features, time tracking, task management and importing expenses. Invoicing sits in the driver’s seat as ActiveCollab’s biggest asset, and you can track both expenses, payments and invoices directly through Paypal and credit card options.

Because of the more advanced features, ActiveCollab costs more than some of the other choices. For example, a cloud plan starts at $25 a month. You can also choose a self-hosted version where you run the application through your own web server. Tons of features can be seen as either a good thing or a bad thing depending on how you look at it. For some, they might find the abundance of features confusing, whereas others will take pleasure in the amount of flexibility.

Zoho Projects

Zoho Projects screenshot

Some of the best project management software around, Zoho Projects lets you coordinate, plan and manage a project how you see fit. Zoho gives you a wide range of business software options, and this includes Projects. The tool itself works as an excellent project coordinator, and the timeline works from beginning to end. This product boosts all the features you need for managing a project, and it includes advanced features like bug tracking, reporting, integration with Google Apps and Dropbox, and you can setup Wiki pages and forums to set yourself up.

The advantage of Zoho Project is how you can start with a free plan. If you like the services, you can upgrade to the paid premium account after a month, and it starts at $20 each month. Keep in mind, however, if you want to use bug-tracking a lot, this will cost you extra.


Trello project management software

Trello displays and organizes your to-do lists with ease onto a visual board. However, keep in mind, Trello will not be your average project management tool because this app lets you glance at your entire project in a single view. This software organizes cards, and these can be conversations, thoughts or to-do lists. It makes for much easier collaboration. Trello costs nothing. It is completely free, but you can buy the gold package for $45 a year. This equates to saved searches, bigger attachments and extra sticker packs. Nevertheless, what makes this one of the best project management software choices is how it costs you nothing with many of the benefits.

According to the Project Management Institute, for every $1 billion invested in the US, companies wasted $122 million because of poor project performance. You can greatly reduce or even eliminate this problem with some of the best project management software. It helps projects go smoother through better communication and set deadlines.

Does your organization use one of the software products mentioned? If so, we’d love to hear your opinion and encourage active discussion in the comments below. Becoming a solid organization often relates to how well your company takes action with its projects.

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