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The Best Xbox 360 Games for Kids

kid playing Xbox 360 game

The Xbox 360 was released over a decade ago, yet the console and games continue to be best sellers, even with later-generation systems on the market.  The staying power of this easy-to-use console is unprecedented, and because of this staying power there continues to be a thriving market for fresh games for kids to play. While the Xbox One is …

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Best City Building Games For PC: Our Top Picks

best city building games for pc - stronghold cruisader

Image from Ama​​zonCity building is a classic gaming genre that is traditionally made for the PC. It has recently found itself in something of a renaissance. We’ve seen a lot of city building games popping up lately, often with dedicated and passionate cult followings. But city building games are typically very time consuming, and they can take a while to …

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101 Celebrities with the Best Snapchats

Snapchat on a phone

Before starting on the list of who has the best Snapchats and how to follow them, let’s talk about all the crazy changes to social media over the years, and how celebrities have adapted to keep in touch with their fans.Do you remember when Facebook was a big deal? Or when Twitter and Instagram popped up with their own unique …

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10 Places To Get The Best Beat Making Software On The Market

dj mixing songs

Image by Facundo Win from PixabayElectronic music is some of the most popular music in the world today, with concerts, shows, festivals, raves and events selling out worldwide covering a wide variety from EDM to modern pop. Unlike classical or rock, electronic music doesn't take an expensive instrument or years of learning to experiment with as it can be done on any computer. If …

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