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Top 4 Sites Like Fiverr

Fiverr.com was certainly a hit when it came out and remains a success story for micro job sellers and buyers. As it happens with huge success stories, plenty of others try to emulate them. This is how a wealth of sites like Fiverr tried to steal the spotlight.

What is Fiverr.com? Assuming you are unfamiliar with the largest online marketplace where services are sold for $5, here is the story in short. Fiverr grew rapidly to a large community of service sellers and buyers. Its recipe for success used novelty as the main ingredient. Surprising micro job posts started appearing online, creating niche markets for a variety of fields.

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Each Fiverr service is called a gig and has a fixed price of $5, minus the 20% fee that goes to Fiverr.com. There are extra packages that can sell for more, but the base price is the one mentioned above. While this micro job platform remains a definite favorite, its peeking success is prompting some users to direct their attention elsewhere. Learn how to use Fiverr with these helpful tips http://webcourseworld.com/14-resources-proof-fiverr-boss-2

Top Reasons to Look for Micro Jobs on Sites like Fiverr

Other sites like Fiverr build on the successful trail of the famous platform for a couple of reasons. First, Fiverr reached a point where it has almost too many users for its own good. The platform is almost too crowded which makes competition quite harsh. There can be only so many gig sellers providing virtual assistance for a couple of hours.

Secondly, the review system on Fiverr was much debated. If a buyer has an unpleasant experience with one of the sellers and thus writes a negative review, this can disappear provided the seller returns the money to the buyer.

Last but not least, the hefty 20% fee is perceived by some as crippling. However, you should note that most of the Fiverr-like sites apply the same rule.

Top Sites like Fiverr

Here are some of the top alternatives to Fiverr.com. Sites like Fiverr.com build on the same script, so don’t be surprised if the user interface looks very familiar. The key point is that you pursue the goal of making money online.

1. Fourerr

Fourrer.com is a site like Fiverr in almost all aspects except the fixed price per service. The word play there should give you hint. Each gig has a base price of $4. It’s one dollar cheaper than a gig on the site it emulates to perfection, and the 20% fee applies as well. The main advantage is that it has a smaller community, so landing an online micro job is easier.

You can earn badges as your user level increases on the site. Payment is made via PayPal, a convenient option for both the seller and the buyer. Fourrer has a decent traffic as indicated by its Alexa rank, so go for it. You’ve got nothing to lose.

2. Source Market

Source Market is one of the more niche sites like Fiverr. It is deemed the ultimate site to go to for SEO outsourcing. Selling backlinks, social signals, PBN domains, content creation, site creation, YouTube SEO, keyword research, you name it. There is an expert out there for you.

Most of the users here have worked the trenches with Stephen Floyd, Alex Becker or Gregory Ortiz. These are the three big names in the industry, so you’re sure to get highly qualified people to do the job right. A job on Search Market starts from $50 and goes up to $1,000. There are no commission fees or strings attached. The only affiliate commission is paid to the people who take it in their own hands to promote their services or those of others.

make money on sites like fiverr

3. Gigbucks

Gigbucks.com is another great pick from sites like Fiverr. Hiring freelancers is also done by buying gigs. On Gigbucks the price of a gig can range from $5 to $50. User-friendly interface, quick loading time and great rating system are the three things that characterize this site like Fiverr quite well.

Services can be sorted out by price, accounts, popularity, date or rating. All these elements add to the trust element.

4. Microworkers

Unlike the rest of the sites like Fiverr, Microworkers allows freelancers and not only to simply post profiles. With detailed lists of skills and projects, the candidate profiles look highly competitive. As a buyer, you can add a micro job post and then interview the candidates who apply.

The strongly represented niches are data entry and web design. While most users will set an hourly fee, this is negotiable. The platform boasts over 700,000 users. This makes it easy to find the right person for the right job.

While we listed just four sites like Fiverr, you should know there are plenty more out there. However, these choices are among the best. Other sites like Fiverr may be in fact ‘dead’ platforms without activity during the past one to two years. Look for these telltale signs before you invest time in creating a profile or sifting through gigs.

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