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Top 5 best sports camera (adventure camera)

Immortalizing yourself and your friends in action on your extreme adventures has become easier in the past few years. Nowadays, sports cameras are affordable, comprise top of the line technologies and, most importantly, they’re compact. Ready to go at all times, adventure cameras are light weight and extremely durable. How else could they withstand freezing temperatures, extreme heat, blasting winds, snow or sleet? Luckily for buyers, there’s a plethora of cameras on the market to choose from. Besides the industry titans (Canon, Sony, Nikon and Kodak) there are many great sports cameras out there striking the perfect balance between affordability and functionality. The best attribute of more recent compact cameras is that they do a great job at recording and taking beautiful photos. We’ve compiled a top 5 HD adventure cameras that are packed with outstanding features.

1. Polaroid XS100 Extreme Edition HD 1080p 16MP Waterproof Sports Camera

The XS100 boasts a futuristic design and is loaded with cool settings and features. Weighing only 4.8 ounces, this sports camera has a built-in professional sensor that performs excellently in low light. With an implemented G-sensor, a super wide angle lens that offers 170 degree coverage and an aerodynamic build, it seems nothing is impossible for the Polaroid XS100 Extreme Edition. What else do buyers get in the box? A HDMI cable and USB cable are included, as well as a carrying pouch, a helmet and handlebar mount. The XS100 has a built-in battery that will last up to 2.5 hours and can support a micro SD of maximum 32 GB. This waterproof action camera is the perfect partner for skiing, biking, surfing or rafting. Budget friendly for amateur sportsmen, yet qualitative enough to please more seasoned users, this Polaroid camera will help you improve your game and share your experiences with others. The anti-shake, vibration and dual-file recording are other pluses that make this camera a real bargain for the price.

2. ThiEYE i60 WIFI 1080P 60fps Sports Camera

This 12MP action camera has got amazing reviews that praise the great value – price ratio. The superior waterproof housing implemented in the i60 makes this camera perfect for recording underwater as deep as 131 feet. Boasting the BSI-2 technology, the ThiEYE i60 supports 12 MP photos and 1080p at 60 fprs videos, which makes it very useful for buyers who are planning slow motion videos. Great for shooting both outdoors and indoors, the ThiEYE i60’s 1.5 LCD display reminded us of the GoPro Hero4. With a full glass lens, dustproof, shakeproof, and an ultra-wide angle we haven’t yet revealed the selling point of the i60. This adventure camera will support point to point WiFi connections. This means users can say goodbye to carrying a dozen cables everywhere they go. With a user friendly Android or iOS app, the i60 makes it easy for you to browse through photos and watch videos directly on the phone. The EasyShare feature makes adding pictures and clips on social media sites equally uncomplicated and only a matter of seconds.

3. GeekPro 2.0 Plus Sports Camera

The number one seller on Amazon in underwater photography cameras, the GeekPro 2.0 Plus Sports Camera has its buyers singing its praises all over the internet. The included extensive collection of attachments will meet any professional photographer’s needs. Sporting a large 2 inch LCD display, wi-fi capabilities, a waterproof case and a replacement battery, this GeekPro seems to tick all the important criteria for an amazing adventure camera. Customers even argue it doesn’t bear comparison to anything else on the market. With no issues performing excellently in hot weather, with perfect audio (considering the waterproof case) and beautiful exposure even indoors, the 2.0 Plus has an 170 degree wide angle that can also double as a dashboard camera. What sets the GeekPro 2.0 apart from other clients are the various settings for filming and taking photos: time lapse photography, time stamp, continuous laps and full HD. Loop recording will rid you of the hassle of worrying about your SD card filling up.

4. WiMiUS S2 Wifi Full HD 1080P 60fps Action Camera

An affordable sports camera with a sleek design, the WiMiUS S2 comes with a lot of cool features. The picture and video quality get an 8/10 from customers who were also impressed by the wide angle, the battery life, built in WiFi and the included accessories. Supporting self-timer, time lapse videos and various types of shooting and recording functions, the WiMiUS S2 is very flexible and reliable. With the WiFi remote control, users are enabled to operate the camera through an Android or iOS device on a radius of 10 meters. The device can be used while it’s charging and the battery is detachable and can be removed with another one. Another aspect that clients liked about the WiMiUS S2 Wifi Full HD 1080P is that it’s versatile. Suitable for shooting indoors, photographers don’t have to wait until their next ski excursion to bust out the S2. It can also be used on holidays or as a dash camera.

5. ASX ActionPro Sports Camera – HD Waterproof/Shockproof Sports Camera

Our last suggestion boasts an indestructible design. No buyer has so far tried smashing this device with a boulder, so we’ll have to take the word of ASX on this one. The most affordable camera in the list, this sports camera comprises the latest technology: a 720 HD sensor and a 140 degree wide angle lens. The generous accessory kit comes with 10 tools that are meant to make video recording and photo shooting smoother. Buyers receive a head strap, a helmet mount, a waterproof case, a gear mount as well as a universal mount. ASX ActionPro Sports Camera managed to win great reviews thanks to a powerful battery that lasts up to two hours and great picture quality. However, one customer review, pointed out one minor drawback. While the ASX ActionPro Sports Camera is charging it cannot be used, as the USB download turns on. Compact, lightweight and with a sturdy build, the ActionPro impresses through its performance and amazing waterproof capabilities.


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