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Top 5 Best watch brands for men in 2014

It is true that, women have more accessories as compared to men. They have various kinds of wearing that includes rings, bracelets, earrings etc. They even have some other accessories such as handbags, hats and other common items. Then what about men? A watch, a pair of leather shoes and a leather belts are the main accessories for men. Whether it is true or not, these are the important accessories for men. When it comes to buying a watch, it is essential to consider the brand of the watch. Usually, people judges a man by seeing the timepiece he wears so you’ve to choose a watch wisely in order to show off your wealth. But discovering the best watch brand is not an easiest job in this huge crowd so here, we’ve listed the top 5 best watch brands for men in the following section.

[UPDATED May 2014]

Best watch brands for men

#5 Best watch brand – IWC (International Watch Company)

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IWC is one of the leading Swiss watch manufacturer since 1868. It is located on eastern Switzerland and it is the major Swiss watch factory in that area while other factories are based from western Switzerland. They produce wide variety of luxurious watches with enhanced looks. If you’re searching for branded timepiece with best performance then go on with IWC watches. Particularly, AquaTimer collections from IWC bring great experience when you wear it. The depth gauge and Aquameter are designed with innovative rotating bezels; this is one of the highlighting features of AquaTimer collection.  Likewise, you can identify numerous stuffs from IWC’s watches.

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#4 Zenith

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Zenith is another best watch brand for men; they manufacture luxury Swiss watches from 1865.  Since 150 years ago, Zenith is constantly developing precise, complex and reliable timepieces. The unusual mechanisms of watch-structure drive a better performance without any flaws. Over the decades, they have build a remarkable array of more than 700 movement variations, which is produced within its manufacture; a rare feat indeed. This brand has won numerous awards in trade shows and in fairs all over the world. This shows the familiarity of this brand.

#3 Good watch brand for men – TAG Heuer

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TAG Heuer was founded in 1860 and it has been passed over one generation to another without having any changes in its prestige and heritage. This is recognized as one of the top watch brands for men and currently, they were active in more than 120 countries. In order to deliver innovative timepiece, they utilizes the advanced technologies. The materials like black steel, gold, diamonds, ceramic, titanium and brushed steel will make you stand out from the crowd. Whenever you wear TAG watch, no one will deny the excellence and taste you have. The stylish designs from TAG make this product to reach top level.

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#2 Best watch brand – Rolex

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When it comes to buying a branded watch, Rolex is the admirable name for everyone. The influence of precious stones and metals like white gold, gold, diamonds, and platinum delivers a rare and stunning essence of classiness.  This company is linked with major sports and noticeably, it has a global partnership with Formula 1 Racing. They have a vast collection of watches to choose from, anything from classic style to trendy one. If you’re looking for luxurious watch with great performance, Rolex is the best choice to move on.

#1 Best watch brand for men – Patek Philippe

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Patek Philippe is the finest company producing elegant and versatile watch models. Unfortunately, such excellence doesn’t come at cheap price. The price may be high but these watches are matchless when it comes to quality and styles. The topnotch look and the excellent quality of watches have made it as a status symbol for elite class members. If you want to show off your welfare then try this watch brand, you’ll feel the different experience than any other watch brands.

That’s it folks, these are the top 5 best watch brands for men in 2014. If you’ve any suggestions please leave us your comments below and don’t forget to mention your favorite watch brand.

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