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Top 7 best studio headphones 2014-2015

The performance of a studio headphone is based on the purpose of the users whether it is for mixing or recording or just to play music or to use as headphone amplifier. While buying the studio headphone you have to look into various features like power, impedance, frequency response, design, portability, etc. It is quite hard to pick the finest one among the plenty of options available. This article will help you to make your choice as we have framed the list of top 7 best studio headphones 2014-2015 in the following section after analyzing all the essential factors.

List of 7 best studio headphones 2014-2015

7 # AKG K240

The AKG K240 is perfect headphone for listening, mastering and mixing. This professional headphone is designed to provide efficient performance for their users who are in need of a headphone to meet out their needs. It is equipped to deliver increased sensitivity, wide dynamic range and high sound levels. The semi open designs provide extremely clear highs which is mostly expected by the customers and a solid bass range. They are comfortable to wear and it is light in weight in nature. All these features made it as one of the best studio headphones for mixing.

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6 # V-MODA Crossfade LP

The V-MODA is the popular studio headphone brand that offers wide range of features for their customers. The dual-diaphragm option delivers organic mid range, deep vibrant bass and high end clarity. It reduces the ambient noise and enables a low bass response because of the memory foam ear cushions. The light metal construction allows you to listen to your favorite music comfortably for many hours. Some of the other features provided by this recording studio headphone include flexible memory headband, steel frame, detachable cables, durability, etc. It can be easily fixed in your bag thus suitable for all kinds of travelling.

5 # Sennheiser HD 600

The Sennheiser is the professional stereo headphone that has advanced diagraph design which eliminates standing waves resulting in an acoustical disturbances and clean sound free of artifacts. This can be a favorite headphone among the mastering engineers all around the world. In order to deliver extremely transparent sound it is equipped with high quality open metal mesh grilles. The light weight aluminum voice coils ensure excellent transient response and you can ensure optimum sensitivity from this headphone.

4 # Beyerdynamic DT 880

The Beyerdynamic is another popular company which is offering quality studio headphones with plenty of features. This semi-open headphone is combined with improved design and innovative technology. You can get the softer pads, sliding, adjustable earpieces to improve the convenience of the listener. You can get greater comfort while wearing this headphone and it delivers amazing sound experience which is quite not offered by other ones in the list. On the whole it is one of the finest studio headphones for mixing.

3 # Audio Technica ATH M50

The Audio Technica professional headphone is perfect to achieve the accurate response and long wearing listening comfort. They are specially designed for mixing and monitoring which is mostly expected by the users. Their efficient collapsible design will ensure the space saving portability and storage. To provide outstanding seal for maximum isolation you can get the padded ear cushions. The adjustable headband is padded for ultimate comfort during long mixing sessions. These recording studio headphones will offer amazing as well as professional performance more than what you expect.

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2 # Shure SRH840 studio headphone  

The Shure SRH840 enables you to achieve greater sound experience with crystal clear effects. With the help of tailored frequency response you can get clear mid range, rich bass and extended highs. They are especially optimized for critical listening and studio recording. It is easy to carry anywhere even during travelling as it is light in weight and easily folded to occupy only less space. The padded headband provides superior comfort over extended periods. They are providing carrying bags that will protect the headphones when not in use or on the go. With all these defined features this headphone is perfect for listening as well as for mixing.

1 # Sony MDR7506

If you are looking for professional headphone with large diaphragm then Sony MDR7506 can be a great choice. It delivers high quality and clear sound reproduction which could not be achieved by other ones in the market. They are compatible in nature and comfort for listening. The cushion headbands will not create any damages to your ears and that will help you to protect the external noises from arising. You can get reliable and stable signal connection and transmission from this popular headphone. It is ideal for sound monitoring in recording studios, video, film production, radio, electronic news gathering and other application where high quality sound is essential.

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