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Which Are the Best Tumblr Editing Apps?

It’s impossible to surf the web without stumbling into a Tumblr post here and there. If this is your case, you might have noticed that Tumblr image submissions have a particular style: A certain combination of minimalism and photo effects is needed to create them. Here are the best Tumblr editing apps to help you create unique image submissions in just a few minutes, and a step-by-step guide on how to do so:

image created with tumblr editing apps

Best Tumblr Editing Apps

Basically, what you need to look for in a Tumblr editing app is a wide array of filters, effects, text, and other add-ons. Framing is also a must, but most image editing apps have this feature. Now that we know specifically what we’re looking for when searching Tumblr editing apps, let’s see which are the best ones:

1.      PicsArt Photo Studio

With 93 filters and .jpeg & .png support, PicsArt Photo Studio gets the first place in our top Tumblr editing apps list. The app provides a multitude of tools which are bound to help you create the best Tumblr image posts. Its most useful and high-quality features include artistic text that can be placed over a photo to create the typical Tumblr effect. However, what impressed us the most about PicsArt Photo Studio was its responsive, user-friendly interface and the intuitive navigation.

2.      Pixlr

According to it developers, Autodesk Inc, there are more than two million outcomes when editing an image and combining their effects, overlays, and filters. Its collage-making feature is easy to use and convenient, but the whole experience of using Pixlr is trouble-free. Its creators found smart ways to improve user experience by analyzing which are the most used effects and features or introducing labels to personalize navigation. All these award Pixlr the second place in our top for Tumblr editing apps, but the app has good chances of surpassing its adversary in the near future.

3.      Adobe PhotoShop Express

If you are an aspiring designer or photographer, Adobe Photoshop for mobile devices is a great starting point. This app will help you customize in ways that sound impossible for a mobile device. With a wide diversity of filters and functions, Adobe Photoshop Express gets the third place in our best Tumblr editing apps list, not because of its quality, but because it requires a bit more knowledge than the first two apps.

the polaroid border that can be added with tumblr editing apps

If there is a downside, it’s the fact that Adobe PhotoShop Lightroom also needs to be installed in order to make certain adjustments. However, the detail and opportunities are worth it for those who are passionate about image editing.

4.      Fotor

If you are looking for a photo app that allows you to customize the picture in countless ways, Fotor is the one for you. Apart from filters and effects, this app introduced a smart feature that lets you choose a focal point. The outcome? High-quality images that make use of SLR technology in the best way possible. This is the reason Fotor managed to take the fourth place in our Tumblr editing apps list.

5.      Bonfire Photo Editor Pro

This photo app provides all the features you need to create Tumblr photos. Moreover, it has an impressive number of filters, including some unusual ones; Fancy, for example, is a filter that gives your pictures a watercolor look. Using Bonfire Photo Editor Pro is a piece of cake, but this app doesn’t stand a chance when competing with PicsArt. Overall, it is a good choice with interesting additions and earns the last place in our Tumblr editing apps top.

How to Create Flawless Posts with Tumblr Editing Apps

a photo of a laptop displaying tumblr website with added effects from tumblr editing apps

Assuming you already have a Tumblr account, here are the steps to create exemplary image posts on Tumblr:

  1. Take the picture. If your smartphone has an HDR option, turn it on for best results.
  2. Choose an effect. This can be done directly from your smartphone’s camera app, but image editing apps usually have more options.
  3. Adjust the contrast. You know those faded images with text on top that instantly catch your eye? That is not an effect, but a contrast alteration. Setting it to 20 will provide the best look.
  4. Add a transparent image or text. Certain add-ons can be relevant and illustrative for your message. You can use the ones provided by your Tumblr editing app, or you can Google “.png images” to find a suitable one.
  5. OPTIONAL: Add a frame and some text. If you aim to create a Polaroid-style photo, this is the most important step.

Now that you know how to choose and use the best Tumblr editing apps, nothing can stop you from becoming an active user. Following this guide will guarantee successful image posts on Tumblr, given that you have something meaningful, interesting, or funny to get across – but don’t fret about it too long; Given the huge Tumblr user base, there always is someone who understands and appreciates uncommon content.

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