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Top 5 Biggest TVs in the world

biggest flat screen tv

I have seen many people who can’t live without TV in their daily life. As soon as they enter their house, they switched their TV ON. Even though they were busy with some other work, they manage to handle both works simultaneous (Watching TV and Work). This is because; TV is not only an excellent stress buster but also an …

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Top 5 Best ringtone apps for android

best free ringtone app for android

Are you bored of standard ringtone in your mobile?  Yeah almost everyone would agree that they hate. If you want to personalize your ringtone then you need to have a best ringtone app but identifying the best ringtone app for android is not an easiest task due to the presence of numerous apps in Play Store. To help you out …

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BeeTalk: Takes you to the next level in instant messaging


With recent Wechat’s censorship in China, people’s freedom of speech cracked down suddenly. I don’t want to talk about this issue in detail but I guess, most of the people frustrated due to this act. On the other hand, Whatapp is facing serious issues with their servers all over the world so people are looking for best alternatives to theses …

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