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Best Waterproof Fitness Tracker – Top 6 Options

Polar V800, probably the best waterproof fitness tracker

Isn’t it always a pain when you have to take off your fitness tracker every time you want to hop in the pool. Wouldn’t it be a relief to have waterproof durability to help you count in all your steps, no matter if you’re in the shower, pool, or dancing in the rain? Luckily, today’s fitness tracker market has opened …

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Misfit Shine Review: Is It a Perfect Activity Tracker?

light blue misfit shine

Misfit Shine is a sleep and activity tracker that outshined the competition with its water resistance. For this Misfit Shine review, we tested this and other functions of the gadget. This Misfit tracker is manufactured by Misfit Wearables, also known for the Misfit Ray, Mink, and Flash, and for the Speedo Shine. But right now, we’ll focus on the latest …

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Which is the Best Smartwatch?

Why do you need to know which is the best smartwatch? Well, if you’re tired of pulling out your smartphone every time you receive a new e-mail, notification or some other alert, you could really use a smartwatch. They’re ingenious little gadgets that also double as fashion accessories and make your life easier, so it’s not really about whether to …

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A Real Life Babel Fish to Be Launched This Autumn

Babel Fish sketch

The Babel Fish is a picturesque species (as most of them are) from the sci-fi universe of the popular series The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. It is a biological universal translator, a recurrent theme in many fictional universes that can be traced in literature as far back as 1945. Obviously, the crossing of the language barrier is an ambition …

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6 Cool Alarm Clocks to Wake You Up

Is there someone out there with a thing for alarm clocks? Yeah, we didn’t think so. No matter how hard we try to deny it, we really need them in our lives. Luckily, there are many cool alarm clocks to choose from. We had a blast looking for the 6 best ones, so here’s what came of our online hunt! …

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4 Best SLR Cameras under $900

With the technology that we now have, just like anything else, it has become more of a struggle to decide exactly what you want. Speaking about cameras, the features that have been added to them overtime can be  overwhelming for someone who is going to purchase one and check them all out. The SLR cameras are top of the line …

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6 Best Fisheye Lens for Your Phone

"fisheye lens fisheye lens for iphone canon fisheye lens fisheye lens for iphone 5 iphone fisheye lens fisheye lens iphone"

Wide cameras have always been favorites. But what about mounting one on your phone? What about a fisheye lens for your phone? Is that doable? Of course! There are literally tons of fisheye lenses out there, many of which are specifically designed so they can work on your iPhone, your iPad, your Android phone, or any other tiny camera you …

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5 Best Wireless Charger Models to Have

"wireless charging wireless phone charger iphone wireless charger wireless iphone charger qi wireless charger"

We know you’re looking for a wireless charger! Good for you! It’s the age where every connection we have is made wirelessly. Well, not every connection but a lot of them are. Certainly, if you have a fear of cables (otherwise known as isoprenearmouredfilamentphobia), you will want to stack up on products that make use of as few cables as …

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Top 3 Best Smart Watches in 2015

"smart watches smart watch apple smart watch samsung smart watch pebble smart watch samsung smart watches best smart watchesbest smart watches android smart watch lg smart watch smart watch reviews"

It’s already 2016, and smart watches are still having credibility issues with the larger public who endorses smartphones, tablets, and other portable devices that function with either Android or iOS. Why is that? It’s a question that we’ve asked ourselves many a time and have not yet been able to come up with a consistent answer to it. For this …

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Top 5 Best GPS Tracking Device under $50

"gps tracking device gps tracking devices gps tracking device for cars small gps tracking device gps tracking device for kids smallest gps tracking device gps tracking devices for cars"

Having a good GPS tracking device is no longer just a question of comfort and a clear mind. It’s becoming something extremely important – both for businesses trying to keep their fleet under the radar and for personal use. To help you get a good idea of how to choose such a complex device, we’ve made this small list. The …

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