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XBMC for Android: Can it Replace your TV Subscription?

browsing through the available live channels of xbmc for android

XBMC for Android is an open-source media player for smartphones, tablets, mini PCs, memory sticks, or set-top boxes that use Android as their operating system. Therefore, the software is free. You can use it on a number of compatible devices to playback video and audio files from all over the web. Here are the most important features and how-to’s of …

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DirecTV vs Dish: Which is More Reliable?

So, you want high-quality audio and picture display and decided to go with satellite television. The next crossroad you bump into is DirecTV vs Dish. Both have national coverage and have services in the same price ranges. Here are the main points on each company, which we’ll elaborate a bit later on: Pros of Dish: Best balance between the number …

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Misfit Shine Review: Is It a Perfect Activity Tracker?

light blue misfit shine

Misfit Shine is a sleep and activity tracker that outshined the competition with its water resistance. For this Misfit Shine review, we tested this and other functions of the gadget. This Misfit tracker is manufactured by Misfit Wearables, also known for the Misfit Ray, Mink, and Flash, and for the Speedo Shine. But right now, we’ll focus on the latest …

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iCloud Backup – Why Save Your iPhone’s Contents to iCloud

the logo of iCloud by iOS

If you have an iOS device, you would use the free iCloud backup service. It’s extremely easy to use and brings a lot of convenience to your day-to-day life by uploading your data to the iCloud and keeping it there for when you will need it. In this article, we’re going to talk about how to backup iPhone on iCloud …

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