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20 Cool Things to 3D Print on Your Own

3D printers have revolutionized the world of design and will take your DIY projects to the next level. In the past, 3D printers were only available for big companies, but that has changed in recent years. Now, anyone with a couple of hundred dollars can get their own 3D printer, and with so many cool things to 3D print, you’ll be glad you did. If you need a little inspiration before sprucing up your home or office, check out our list of the top 20 cool things to 3D print for your next DIY project.

What Is a 3D Printer?

3D printers have opened the door for the average consumer to design their own product prototypes or print out handy knick-knacks for their home or office. But, what is a 3D printer and how does it work? 3D printers work exactly the same as the printers you’re familiar with. From a Computer Aided Design (CAD), a 3D printer prints your design layer by layer with a filament. But, don’t worry, you don’t need to be a computer genius to 3D print your own designs. There are tons of sites that host design files for your desired model. All you have to do is download the files.

20 Cool Things to 3D Print

You can 3D print anything from new wall decor to customized coat hangers, and with so many possibilities you may never want to buy anything from the store again!

Smart Nanoleaf Replica

Nothing screams modern style more than a 3D printed LED light display. Not only is this a great wall piece for your bedroom or dark hallway, but it can also be integrated with Amazon Alexa technology, so you can adjust the Nanoleaf lights with Alexa commands. The future is now!

You can find the design files here

Bag Clip With Screw Cap

Gone are the days of stale crackers and chips with this resealable bag clip. 3D printing brings practical inventions to life, and this simple bag clip is a shining example. The bag clip holds your bag upright, and the screw cap makes for easy access, all while providing a seal for optimal freshness.

You can find the design files here

Coffee Table Laptop Shelf

Nothing is more efficient and space-saving than dual-purpose furniture. If you use your coffee table as a makeshift desk, this discreet laptop shelf will help you minimize clutter.

You can find the design files here

Coat Hangers

Somehow, no matter how many hangers we start out with, they always seem to disappear when we need them most. Not only will these 3D printed hangers save you a trip to the store, but you can even customize them to your exact specifications. Of all the cool things to 3D print, simple household items like these hangers are definitely among the most convenient.

You can find the design files here

Self-Watering Planter

These days, you don’t even need a green thumb to keep your plants alive. All you need is a 3D printed self-watering planter, and you’re all set. Plus, you can pick the exact color you want by adjusting the hue to match anything your heart desires.

You can find the design files here

Lattice Bowl

There are so many cool things to 3D print, and this stylish lattice bowl is definitely one of them. It’s the perfect elegant centerpiece to hold fruit or other kitchen items on your island or countertop. Plus, when you receive compliments on this sleek design, you can proudly tell your guests that you 3D printed it yourself.

You can find the design files here

Simple Phone Holder

Who wants to spend $20 on a small piece of plastic when you can 3D print it yourself? Thanks to your awesome 3D printing skills, simple designs like this phone holder don’t need to cost you any more than a few pennies. This phone holder will keep your phone upright so you can watch cooking demos in the kitchen, or watch Netflix in the bath with no problem.

You can find the design files here

Stackable Hex Drawers

Cluttered countertops and desk are now a thing of the past with these cute, stackable hex drawers. Organize anything from your office desk to your bedside table to your bathroom countertops with these stylish drawers.

You can find the design files here

Brain Planter

Let your guests know how smart you are with this brainy plater. Not only does it look cool on your desk, but you can even brag to your friends that you 3D printed it yourself. Win-win.

You can find the design files here

Secret Floating Shelf

There are so many cool things to 3D print, but this secret floating shelf is at the top of that list. Sneakily hide a couple of bucks from your roommate or significant other (hey, we’re not judging) with this innocuous floating shelf. Throw a decorative plant or photo on the shelf and sleep easy knowing that your secret hiding spot will never be found.

You can find the design files here

Door Holder

Instead of awkwardly trying to wedge your doormat into your door, only to have it slowly slide closed, try 3D printing a secure door holder. Whether you’re moving, or have a large load of groceries to lug in, having a secure door holder to keep the door open beats your doormat any day.

You can find the design files here

Textured Container

Not only is this adorable textured container perfect for keeping rice, oats, or other grains fresh, but it also looks great on your countertops. The screw top ensures a secure seal and will prevent spills, which is perfect if you have little kiddos running around.

You can find the design files here

Spiral Vase

Sometimes, life moves so fast that Mother’s Day sneaks up on you. Fortunately for you, you can quickly print out a spiral vase, add some fresh flowers, and just like that, you’ve got a thoughtful present for your mom. Plus, with an elegant brushed metallic finish, your mom won’t just be pretending to like it (unlike the questionable designs of your youth).

You can find the design files here

Geometric Cat Decor

Of all the cool things to 3D print, this geometric cat is definitely one of the most unique designs. This gold cat can be used as a doorstop or simply to greet your guests in the entryway with its judgemental stare.

You can find the design files here

Marble Machine

Want a fun trinket to add to your office desk? Look no further than this swirly marble machine. Maybe you just received an irritating email from your boss, or maybe you’re just sick of your job. Either way, take a break and watch the marbles swirl down the maze and take your stress along with it.

You can find the design files here

Mountain Key Holder

With so many cool things to 3D print, you’ll never need to get household decor from the store ever again. This simple yet stylish mountain key holder is the perfect addition to your entryway. Not only will it keep you from losing your keys, but it will also remind you of your favorite landscape every time you go to grab them.

You can find the design files here

Zippo Business Card Holder

Where do you keep your business cards? If the answer is in a rubber band in your purse or wallet, then you definitely need an update. Designed with the simple swag of a Zippo lighter in mind, you can flip this business card holder open and coyly slide out your business card to immediately win over your prospective clients. Plus, you can customize the color to match your brand and style.

You can find the design files here

Infill Design Coasters

Make your own multi-colored coasters with your favorite infill designs to keep your countertops clean and ring-free. Fill the coasters with a spiral, star, honeycomb, or swirled infill design, then add your favorite colors to give your countertops a burst of life and color.

You can find the design files here

Countertop Plantygon

Bring some life into your home or office with this succulent Plantygon. The stackable design allows you to print as many as you’d like to accommodate an infinite amount of plants, so you never have to stop growing your collection.

You can find the design files here

Memo Board

Modern functionality meets classic design with this letter board. This memo board is 100% 3D printed, from the board itself to the letters and numbers that decorate it. This would be the perfect addition to your kiddos room, or to add a greeting board to your entryway.

You can find the design files here


3D printing technology has stepped up the game of DIY-ers everywhere, and with millions of cool things to 3D print, the possibilities are truly endless. So, what are you going to 3D print?

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