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Top 6 Free prank call websites like Prankdial: Best Prankdial websites

Prankdial Websites

If you’re searching for some free prank call websites like prankdial then you’re in the right place. Here, we have listed the top 5 best prankdial websites to make fun on your friends.

Note: Prank calls can go wrong, so remember to use your common sense while teasing your friends on Prankdial websites.

Free Prank Call Websites like Prankdial (Top 6)

#6 Prank call website like prankdial: The Funny Fone

Funny Fone is one of the best website to send prank calls for free. Currently, this website is only available for the US, UK and Canada.

When you sign up, you’ll get 2 free credits to try. If you need more credits, you’ve to pay $4.45 for 30 credits. There are many pre-recorded voices available to make hilarious pranks. Ones like this: “You kicked my dog!” and “This is Luscious!” pranks are really funny.

#5 Free prank call website like prankdial: Prank call

Prank call is a Canadian company, which offers free pranks calls across the US and Canada. Since 2009, this company has been offering free prank calls.

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#4 Prank calling website similar to prankdial: whospy

Whospy is yet another prank call website similar to prankdial where you can make unlimited prank calls for free (US and Canada). It’s very simple to send prank calls. Just enter the victim’s number and the number to show on their caller ID, then enter the prank call message and select the prank voice — that’s it. Here you’ll find lots of prank call ideas that you can try on your friends.

#3 Websites like prankdial:  Comedy calls

In 2008, Comedy calls has started their prank call service with “Rick Roll Prank.” The massive popularity pulls a wide-variety of new pranks in their row. You will get one free call per day; if you want to make more calls, then you’ve to buy credits. You’ll find lots of prerecorded voice calls to prank your friends and family.

#2 Site like prankdial: Easy Prank

Easy Prank is a new website, which offers 8 free prank calls every day. Making prank calls are really easy: just select the prank (prerecorded voice), enter the victim number and the caller ID number that you wish to show them — that’s it. All prank calls are recorded so that you can listen and enjoy to the victim’s reaction.

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#1 Free prank call website like prankdial: Prank owl

If you’re looking for best alternative for prankdial then Prankowl is the good choice. It allows you to send hilarious prank calls to your friends from all around the world.

And you can listen to the result by recording the prank call.

Using the operator prank call feature, you can force two friends to call each other unknowingly. The website even offers caller ID spoofing so that you can call any phone number using a fake caller ID.

However they offer only 3 free calls. If you want more calls, then you’ve to buy premium tokens.

Hope you all enjoyed this post. Don’t forget to share this with your friends and leave a comment to tell us how your prank call went!

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