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Top 5 Google Tricks Similar to Google Zero Gravity

As we all know, Google is the one of the world’s largest search engine that not only provides useful info but also they offer some exciting funny stuffs to keep their visitors engaged. In the past days, Google zero gravity trick is familiar with most of the people but only few people know the untold rare interesting tricks. So we’ve decided to pull those incredible secrete pranks and prepared a list of 5 best Google tricks, which are similar to Google zero gravity.

[UPDATED April 2018]

Google Zero Gravity Unlocked

In fact, there are two tricks that are very similar to zero gravity i.e. Google zero gravity mirror and Google zero gravity underwater.

1. Google Zero Gravity Underwater

Have you ever imagined how Google’s homepage will appear underwater? No, really! Here, is the way to visualize it.  In this trick, Google’s search bar, logo, and all kinds of stuff floats in the water along with some water creatures and brings a visual appearance of an aquarium. The perfect color and delightful design really amuse your friends and family without any doubts. Want to see Google zero gravity underwater live?

Click here to see that live

2. Google Zero Gravity Inversion Mirror

This is just similar to Google zero gravity trick but the only difference is that you can see the mirrored appearance of original one, i.e. Google homepage. All the text and images are inverted and give you a different look at Google’s homepage. If you move the pointer then suddenly all the things fall out as losing their gravity. This would be more fun when you see the Google zero gravity inversion live.

Click this link to see the magic

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3. Google Sphere: Similar to Google 0 Gravity

Using this trick, you can visualize the Google’s homepage in a 3D sphere form. When you move the cursor, the sphere rotates along with your cursor. This looks awesome when you see that live. In fact, it’s nice to see the transmissions because the effects are perfectly synchronized with the cursor movements. When I see this trick first time, I simply drag my pointer here and there to enjoy watching these effects. Don’t miss this trick!

Click here to see this trick in action

4. Do a Barrel Roll: Google Rolling Trick

If you type this phrase (do a barrel roll) on Google search bar then suddenly the search result page rolls like a barrel once and fits your screen. Interesting right! Unlike other tricks, you don’t need any link to do this, simply open your browser and type the phrase; you’ll see the action instantly. Do this trick in front of your friends and surprise them.

Feeling lazy to type in Google? Then click here

5. Google Zerg Rush Trick

If you’re bored and Want to play a game with Google bot then try Google zerg rush trick. This is same as the previous one, you don’t need to follow any link; just type zerg rush on Google search bar and hit enter. When you hit enter, you’ll see yellow and red zeros pop-out from corners and starts to destroy the search results. When these zeros destroy all the links they form a GG symbol on the black screen. I said that it was a game, so your part is to kill those zeros by pointing your cursor on those zeros and left click till the energy meter blows out.  By this way, you can play.

This game has another name i.e. undefeatable game (This means you cannot destroy all those zeros and you can’t win).Want to feel this game? Then click here

Now, it’s time to surprise your friends with these awesome Google Gravity tricks. If you enjoyed this post then share this with your friends.

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