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Best Messaging App for Android – White List Updated

best messaging app for android in 2016

Even though the default Android apps for messaging are convenient and pretty speedy, they cannot compete with the apps that can be found in the Google Play Store. The best messaging app for Android can be found there. These are developed by third-party companies that specialize in user friendliness and feature all kinds of perks, from group messaging to high …

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5 Best Hybrid Cars for a Better Tomorrow

peugeot 3008 hybrid 4 best hybrid cars

Hybrid cars have become more and more popular in the last few years, and we can’t blame their buyers: the best hybrid cars successfully combine the best features of both electric and traditional cars without having to recharge them as often as the first ones, but still being environmentally-friendly. How Do Hybrid Cars Work? A hybrid car usually uses both …

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The Best Dating Sites Out There

"couple holding hands through monitors online best dating sites"

Surfing one of the best dating sites can be a great thing if you know how to use it. Unfortunately, because of some powerful negative experiences or just an overactive imagination, there’s still a noteworthy stigma around the whole online dating world. We’re not saying there aren’t creeps out there (both male and female), but the whole scene is much …

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8 Best Free Video Editing Software

best free video editing software

Deciding on what is the best free video editing software actually depends on individual expectations. Do you wish for a fast, easy to use program that trims birthday party-themed homemade videos? Or are you searching for a complex tool to adorn your professionally shot short film? In this list of the 8 best free video editing software, we have strived for …

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12 Sites Like Etsy – Amazing Alternatives for Marketplaces

sites like etsy

There are many sites like Etsy, mainly because niches are always developing, and a direct peer-to-peer type of relationship between manufacturer and customer is a commercial ideal that has existed ever since humanity has invented trade. In compiling this list, we have stayed away from ubiquitous platforms like Amazon and e-Bay, concentrating instead on platforms that specifically address manufacturers of …

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Responsive Web Design Examples for Beginners

Screenshot of Founder Mantras website

Responsive web design examples are just the well-polished final product that is the result of vision, know-how and hard work that is behind the creation of a website that can be easily accessed across a variety of devices. In this post, we’ll be taking a brief look at what responsive web design is, and follow that with a list of …

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9 Sites Like Omegle You Didn’t Know about

Sites like omegle

Sites like Omegle have taken the experience of talking to total strangers out of the empire of awkwardness all the way to expected instant familiarity. Chatting is a by-product of the internet, so there are a huge number of platforms that permit stranger-to-stranger textual and video interaction. Omegle’s other spawns have followed suit in that they do not require registration …

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Top Learning Apps – Download, Have Fun & Get Smart

Learning Apps drawing

The advent of learning apps in our lives means that even studying has become more fun, through the careful guiding of smartphones and tablets. Adults may be conscious of this breakthrough, yet kids have always had it. For them, learning has always had a playful undertone. Here is a list of some of the most outrageously fun apps for kids …

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DIY Drones: 5 Internet Tutorials Testing Your Acumen

Photo of quadcopter-type Drone

The Web is filled with DIY Drones tutorials. After much exertion, this is the only thing that I can state with a considerable degree of confidence. They are as diverse as they come and require amateurs to master terminology, discern the many aspects of a DIY drone kit, learn new skills or recover old skills from the periphery of memory. …

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5 Xbox SmartGlass Awesome Things to Do

"xbox smartglass xbox 360 smartglass xbox smartglass app smartglass xbox one xbox smartglass games what is xbox 360 smartglass smartglass xbox 360"

For Xbox gamers everywhere, the Xbox SmartGlass is something that may prove invaluable once you’ve tried it. However, there seems to be a general lack of knowledge when it comes to what can be done with the incredibly innovative app from Microsoft. Don’t worry, though, we’re here to remedy that by showing you 5 awesome Xbox SmartGlass features you never …

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