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Best Android Emulators for PC: Windows and Mac OS

If you’re not an Android user and want to try it before you buy one, then there is a way. Try an Android emulator on your PC. You can easily install them and you can test drive all Android apps with the latest version of Android OS. There are many Android emulators for PC; you’ve to discover the best one for you. So we’ve compiled a list of the best Android Emulators for PC, regardless if you have Windows or Mac, that will hopefully help you find exactly what you need.

We all love our Android; this is due to some wonderful apps in their store. Have you ever thought of having those apps on your PC and enjoy them on a big screen? Whether you have Windows or Mac OS, Android emulators are available on both platforms.

Below, we’ve listed the top free best Android emulators. We’ve first listed the best Android emulators for PC and then we moved on to Mac.

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Top 6 Best Android Emulators for Windows

6. Official Android Emulator for PC

You can try Google’s official Android emulator for PC; this is available with Android’s software development kit. Even though this tool is mainly for developers, you can still manage to run it. Before downloading SDK tools, make sure you’ve installed Java on your Windows PC. After downloading the SDK tools, simply press the Install button and the SDK manager will automatically download and install the necessary software. That’s it; after the installation is completed you can enjoy your favorite Android apps on your PC.

5. Geny Motion

In order to use GenyMotion, you’ve to download and install Oracle VM VirtualBox on your PC. The installation of this app is very easy but you’ve to register on the site. You may also need to sign-in with your GenyMotion ID in order to authenticate with the cloud before running Android apps on this virtual machine. When you run high-end apps on your PC using this emulator, it crashes sometimes due to overload but it still is a very good Android emulator.

4. Jar of Beans

This was first developed on Android Jelly Bean OS and it offers great resolution with flawless user interface. You need to download apk files that will access your PC. Currently, this emulator comes with built-in Android Play Store so it’s easy to install your favorite apps on your PC. This emulator even lets you create and access a virtual SD card on your computer. Likewise, you’ll get lots of features, as well.

Guide to install Jar of Beans on your PC: here

3. Windroy

This is another great Android emulator, which is absolutely free.  You don’t have to set up VirtualBox and a virtual machine. Simply download the .exe file and install it. Now you can enjoy Android apps in full screen. With Windroy, you can’t access the Playstore but Amazon Appstore is available. Overall, it’s one of the best Windows Android emulators out there.

2. Youwave

Youwave works perfectly and brings you the complete feel of an Android OS. You can play your favorite games and even multiplayer games using this emulator. This tool even allows you to save your game the same way you do on the actual device. This Android emulator comes with a built-in application store where you can search for apps and download them on your PC.

1. BlueStacks

Bluestacks allows you to run all the latest Android apps on your Windows OS just as on the native device. It also offers a cloud network where you can sync your data between your PC and phone. If you’re looking for a complete Android feel on your Windows PC then this emulator will definitely help you. It runs on both full screen mode and windowed mode. It is easy to install and if you want to download apps from Google play then you’ve to set up a Google account. This emulator even supports other app stores like Amazon Appstore.

Top 3 Best Android emulators for Mac

3. GenyMotion

Yes, this emulator is available for both Windows and Mac OS. On Windows, you can directly install GenyMotion but on Mac, the procedure is a bit different. You need to download and install VirtualBox in order to run android apps. Install this onto your Mac PC using the recommended settings, that’s it.

2. VirtualBox

VirtualBox is one of the best Android emulators for Mac OS and surprisingly, it is available for free. It is one of the more familiar Android emulators for Mac OS and it offers simple UI, search options, downloads and much more.

1. BlueStacks

There is no surprise to see BlueStacks on the top of the list because it is the best Android emulator for both Mac and Windows. You can directly install Android apps on your PC from PlayStore. The user interface is great when compared to other emulators. If you’ve a touch screen display then you can enjoy the similar experience as on your smartphone.

Final Words

That’s all folks, these are the best Android emulators for PC! We hope that this article has been helpful for you and that you found what you needed. If you’ve any suggestions, leave us your comments below.

updated 7/4/2017

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