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Hello, and welcome to White Summary, your go-to source on the web for everything involving technology. If you’re looking for killer news and solid reviews of emerging technology and devices or apps, you’re at the right place. In addition to these things, we cover everything to do with CES, the Tokyo Game Show, Electronic Entertainment Expo, and many others. 

Are you interested in all news about what’s going on with Apple, Microsoft, Samsung, HTC, Adop, and HP? Are you a gamer who’s searching for the up-to-the-minute gaming info on the latest console wars you have? Is it important for you to know all you can about apps, web platforms, WordPress, and more? Then you’re going to love our site. 

We don’t just cover tech news. We go in-depth on things like which celebrity Snapchats to follow, the best of everything on Netflix, and even the best iPhone and iPad apps for kids. 

Looking for websites similar to your favorite sites? We’ve got all that right here at White Summary. 

Do you build your own websites? We cover WordPress extensively so that you can build your very best site with all of the latest tools, themes, and plugins. 

If you’re a beginner, we’ve also got you covered. From how to take a screenshot on Windows to why your computer keeps freezing up, we can help you. 

But how about home entertainment? Well, in addition to helping you find the best stuff to watch on streaming platforms, we show you how to connect your devices to your TV. For even more fun, we show you tons of Google tricks and tips so that your web surfing and browsing is better than ever. 

We love hearing from our readers. If you have a suggestion for content, need something specifically reviewed, or just want to leave us some kudos, please leave a comment on one of our articles or get in touch with a member of our team. We hope you enjoy your visit to White Summary!

Meet the Team

Colin Thornton bio picture

Colin Thorton

Chief Editor

I learned to type on the antique non-electric typewriter in my parents’ study. It had a little bell and a ribbon and all of the other fun stuff that early typewriters had. I didn’t know at that time that I’d be someday typing on the kind of machine I used to type this blurb for White Summary and that I’d use “typing” (writing) to early a living to support my family. 

It’s been so enjoyable to work here at White Summary and stay on top of technology trends and the best products on the market. Also, it’s my honor to oversee a crack staff of techies who work around the clock to provide our readers with great content. Contact me at cthorton@whitesummary.com

Coleen Wilder bio picture

Coleen Wilder

Junior Editor

I began my career in tech while still in high school. A small gaming shop opened up in town. Their main service was renting out time on machines so that local kids (and yes, adults) could play some of the hottest new games. After spending lots of free time there, they decided they may as well just hire me since I was there all the time anyhow. 

I got my degree in gaming technology and found my passion in writing manuals for game developers. Technical writing is my thing, and supervising the excellent team of writers and editors here at White Summary is a dream job. Contact me at cwilder@whitesummary.com

Lillian Waters bio picture

Lillian Waters

Tech Expert

 In a way, it feels weird being referred to as an “expert” because inside I still feel like the kid who saw a Commodore for the first time and didn’t know how to even get started. But I guess that many years of tinkering with computers and staying on top of what’s going on in technology gives me the expertise I need to write for an awesome site like White Summary. 

After tackling that Commodore all those years ago, I ended up getting a degree in computer engineering. I like to say I’m a linguist because I read and speak computer languages, and sometimes it seems the computers understand a nerd like me even more than people do. Except for my wonderful spouse, of course. 

I’m honored to be a part of the great team here at White Summary. Contact me at lwaters@whitesummary.com

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