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Tech Literacy – Pitfalls and Conundrums

tech literacy

The US tech literacy debate has been reignited by the publication of the results of this study, conducted on eighth graders. It shows that, on average, girls perform slightly better than boys on the national test that evaluates tech literacy. And while that may sound surprising to the layman, specialists know that the overall gulf in education between males and …

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A Real Life Babel Fish to Be Launched This Autumn

Babel Fish sketch

The Babel Fish is a picturesque species (as most of them are) from the sci-fi universe of the popular series The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. It is a biological universal translator, a recurrent theme in many fictional universes that can be traced in literature as far back as 1945. Obviously, the crossing of the language barrier is an ambition …

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8 Best Free Video Editing Software

best free video editing software

Deciding on what is the best free video editing software actually depends on individual expectations. Do you wish for a fast, easy to use program that trims birthday party-themed homemade videos? Or are you searching for a complex tool to adorn your professionally shot short film? In this list of the 8 best free video editing software, we have strived for …

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Top 4 Sites Like Fiverr

sites like fiverr

Fiverr.com was certainly a hit when it came out and remains a success story for micro job sellers and buyers. As it happens with huge success stories, plenty of others try to emulate them. This is how a wealth of sites like Fiverr tried to steal the spotlight. What is Fiverr.com? Assuming you are unfamiliar with the largest online marketplace …

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