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What Is A Smart Home? How To Simplify Your Life With Technology

smart house

Do you want to know how to turn your house into a smart home? Well, you’re in luck. Find out how to make your home life easier with our awesome tips!

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The Top 10 Best Nintendo 3DS Emulator Revealed

Quick Navigation How We ReviewedHere Are the Best Nintendo 3DS Emulator OptionsCommon Nintendo 3DS Emulator Questions Don't Be Fooled So Which Nintendo 3DS Emulator Is Really the Best?  How We ReviewedIt's not very hard to compare emulators if you go through the legwork of testing each of them out. It's easy for direct, basic comparisons. Looking at things like the operating system …

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6 Best Video Editing App for iPad When You’re on the Go

Splice video editing app for iPad

People usually have video recording at hand at all times thanks to their phones. But recently iPads have become powerful enough to edit that video. Editing is just as much about software as hardware though. In this article we’ll examine the various options to find the best video editing app for iPad. The ranking will primarily focus on feature parity …

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5 Best 9 Inch Android Tablets in 2017

ASUS ZenPad 3S 10, best 9 inch Android tablet

Buying an Android tablet is not an easy decision with all the options out there. As we have come to notice, 9 seems to be the sweet spots for tablets nowadays with many smartphones incorporating the new bezel-less design edging them closer to the phablet category. We’ve rounded up the best tablets available this year in terms of performance, design, …

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5 Best 8 Inch Tablets under $200 in 2017

Lenovo Yoga Tab 3 - 8.0" WXGA Tablet

It’s possible to find a good 8 inch tablet under 200 when you know where to look. Make sure you understand a tablet’s specs before buying it as there are a lot of poor quality tablets. To shorten your research time, we have highlighted the five best 8 inch tablets under 200 in 2017. The best 8 inch tablet under …

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6 Best Cheap 10 Inch Tablets in 2017

Kindle Fire HD 10 inch cheap tablet

The original 10-inch tablet has become one of the most iconic choices you will find. In particular, 10-inch tablets make the most sense for those who have a lot of media consumption. The generous screen size makes it easier to see, and you have a fast processor. Your best cheap 10 inch tablet may not be the perfect replacement for …

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Best Productivity Apps for Mac to Try in 2017

Dropbox screenshot

Our Mac computers are designed to make our lives easier. Fortunately, there are many applications available for your Mac that can further boost your productivity and improve your experience. This article is going to explore six of the best productivity apps for Mac. We will list them according to their popularity and provide a little bit of background information relating …

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Top 4 Best Beat Making Software for Musical Creation

Dr Drum, one of the best beat making software

What should you look for in the best beat making software? First, strong production capabilities will be the chief factor, but the less experienced users should seek out software that offers ease of use. You also want a large loop library and a wide selection of virtual instruments. If you have experience in the music industry, the best beat making …

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What’s the Best Tablet for Reading? Top 6 Options

Kindle Voyage e-book reader

Reading is still an enjoyable and important activity for many people across the globe. Therefore, e-readers and tablets are a hot commodity for birthday and holiday gifts as well as personal items. A consumer looks for certain elements in a new reading tablet. Some of those elements are price, screen size, operating system, special features, additional accessories and consumer reviews. …

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What’s the Best Tablet for College? Top Five Options

Samsung Google Nexus 10

College is an exciting time when the student will be making strong efforts to show independence, intelligence, and reliability. Therefore, the college student will need to have products and gadgets that help increase productivity. A tablet is a college student’s best friend during every semester. It can be a lifeline because it can provide the person with a way to …

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