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Top 5 Best Gaming Mouse

Mice – love them or hate them, you just can’t do without them. We begin our search for the best gaming mouse ever with a question: could you ever have scored that incredible ranking you have without your trusted mechanical rodent at your hand? I would say not. That’s why, we believe, the relationship between a gamer and his mouse should be a very special one. And that’s why we also made this list, naturally.

But, realistically speaking, the majority of gamers don’t earn thousands of dollars per month just by playing video games. That’s why some of you are probably looking for the best cheap gaming mouse or the best budget gaming mouse. We’re glad to say that the following list contains these as well. Alternatively, you could also call this a search for the best wireless gaming mouse – since cable mice are slowly, but steadily, going extinct.

And now, to start our list, we’ll kick things off with a very, very cheap but impressive mouse:

1. Redragon M601 CENTROPHORUS

"best gaming mouse top 5  redragon M601 centrophorus"

Price: $12.99

DPI: 2,000

Buttons: 6

Wireless: No

Best Gaming Mouse Pad:

SteelSeries QcK ($7.01)

The Redragon has been regarded throughout gaming history as arguably the best gaming mouse. It’s not just the price (which usually is really low for Redragon mice), it’s the quality you get for that price. Quite frankly, there is no way around it: this one has the best quality-price ratio. And you don’t even need to test it to judge it’s perfect: just a look at it will have you daydreaming about the endless private nights you’re going to have with this little monster of a mouse. It actually looks like it’s designed to destroy your enemies in the most humiliating way possible. Your gaming enemies, that is.

The specs: While sitting quite low, at 2000 DPI, this little mouse can pack quite a punch with its 15G acceleration and its sleek Teflon feet. Does it work with Windows 10? Yes, it does. Is it the best buy gaming mouse? It depends on what you like. Biggest flaw: it’s wired.

2. Razer DeathAdder Chroma

"best gaming mouse top 5 razer death adder chroma"

Price: $58.65

DPI: 10,000

Buttons: 5

Wireless: No

Best Gaming Mouse Pad:

Razer Goliathus ($13.66)

If you would prefer something more serious and somber for a change, then the DeathAdder is the way to go. And the Chroma version of this mouse is just sublime – it doesn’t look like it’s ready to rip your head off, but like something more akin to a piece of art. Also, if you’re one of the people who likes bringing their own mouse to work, we strongly recommend this one.

The specs: with ten thousand DPI and 50G acceleration, this mouse is ready to fly off your desk. Take it for a test drive and you’ll see what I mean. This is quite possibly the best FPS gaming mouse on this list. Biggest flaws: price, wired, only 5 buttons.

3. Logitech G602


"best gaming mouse top 5 logitech g602"


Like something that just came out of a time machine, the Logitech G602 looks sleek, menacing, but sophisticated and strong. Clearly one of the best gaming mouses out there, this little beast almost makes you want to buy it even if you already have another monster-mouse at the grip of your fingers. And finally, this one is wireless! No more cables this time. And what’s more: the battery lasts up to 250 hours. I would think it’s safe to say it: it’s the best Logitech gaming mouse.

The specs: the DPI is manually adjustable, which means that you can game and use Photoshop with ease. You can use it with your laptop to edit a few pictures, and then switch to your gaming mode and enter your favorite MOBA for a quick break. Biggest flaws: low DPI, price.

Price: $42.99

DPI: 250 – 2,500

Buttons: 11

Wireless: Yes

Best Gaming Mouse Pad:

Logitech G240 ($14.99)


4. Redragon M901 PERDITION

"best gaming mouse top 5 redragon M901 perdition"

Price: $35.99

DPI: 16,400

Buttons: 18

Wireless: No

Best Gaming Mouse Pad:

Redragon P001 ARCHELON ($9.99)

Any avid World of Warcraft players around? Don’t worry, you can play just about any MMO and appreciate this mouse. This is, by far, the best MMO gaming mouse that we could find. But why is that? Imagine controlling your hero with only the mouse. Yes, the action bar as well. Going into PVP would be a piece of cake and you could own that annoying, overpowered paladin within just a few moves with your mouse. That’s it! No more searching your keyboard for the right combination. It’s like riding a bike with one hand, but better!

The specs: Not much more can be said about the 18 programmable buttons, Teflon pads, and the 30G acceleration. The DPI is simply out of this world and as for the looks: your opponents just when hearing the mouse clicks. Biggest flaw: again, Redragon insists on making it a wired mouse.

5. Etekcity Scroll M910

"best gaming mouse top 5 Etekcity Scroll M910"

Price: $22.99

DPI: 2,400 DPI

Buttons: 9

Wireless: Yes

Best Gaming Mouse Pad:

Belkin WaveRest Gel ($5.80)

Forget all we’ve just said. This is the best gaming mouse out there. The only problem is it’s a matter of taste. You see: this is a vertical gaming mouse. Which means that you will be holding your hand at about 60 degrees. If you haven’t a problem with vertical mice, then this one should be more than perfect. It looks like it’s just been invented by a 25th-century mad scientist – and maybe it was. All we know that it’s the best mouse for gaming vertically (don’t mind the pun).

The specs: with 9 programmable buttons, 5-stage DPI settings with a top of 2,400, this mouse was built to last. And what’s more, it also comes with a detachable palm rest so that you can be comfortable while owning your opponents. Biggest flaw: low DPI.

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