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Top 7 Proxy Websites You Can Use

Most internet users might have already used a proxy without knowing it. A proxy offers a connection between a remote internet location and you. For example, a worker who is on holiday can access office files through a VPN (virtual private network). The connection will offer users a secure tunnel for all communication to pass. There is a slew of proxy websites out there that will allow you to use their services for free.

Types of proxies

According to your needs, you can find different types of proxies on the market.

Transparent proxies

A transparent proxy will identify itself as the proxy server, exposing the original IP address via the http header. Transparent proxies are used due to their capability to cache websites. They fail at providing anonymity, but they serve well if you need to get around uncomplicated IP bans.

Anonymous proxies

This type of proxy will identify itself as a proxy server without exposing your IP address. While anonymous proxies are detectable, they offer enough anonymity.

Distorting proxies

A distorting proxy will identify itself as a proxy server, and it will provide a false original IP via the http headers.

High anonymity proxies

These types of proxies won’t identify themselves as proxy servers and won’t expose the original IP address either.

Generally, internet users use proxy websites in order to access blocked websites or URLs. A proxy site will allow you to surf the internet completely anonymously by redirecting the network traffic via their servers, which have access on the site you want to open. It’s uncomplicated to use a proxy server in order to conceal your online identity and you don’t have to download anything. Here is a list of the best proxy websites that you can use from all browsers to unblock any needed content.

1. HMA

One of the best proxy websites

One of the best proxy web sites at the moment, HMA’s reputation precedes them. With an intuitive interface, they offer free of charge website proxy services for all internet users. Based in the UK, HMA quickly became one the leaders in the VPN industry. Besides web proxy, they also offer VPN services. With more than ten million unique users each month and a subscriber database that exceeds 150,000, HMA provides simple, yet efficient services. They have more than six hundred servers that are spread through seventy-five countries. Combined, these amount to 80k IP addresses. Their collection of servers is continuously expanding, which means users can benefit from speedier connections from servers that are nearby. Besides the VPN software that is easy to set up, HMA also offers a Speed Guide so you can work out which servers work best for you, an IP Address Change Scheduling, a SecureIP Bins, and an Easy Server Selection.

2. Proxy.org

The second best proxy website out there is Proxy.org. User-friendly and efficient, it offers anonymity whenever you might need it. Users need only open the proxy website and enter the URL of the website they want to access. Proxy.org offers thousands of proxies to choose from, as well as a list of virtual private network suggestions.

3. NewIPNow

This free proxy service has a simple interface and gives users safe passage to explore the internet. The blue box on the website prompts you to enter the site you wish to visit and the IP you want to use. What is more, NewIPNow will display the current IP until you decide to change, proving that the web proxy service does indeed work.

4. Ninja Cloak

You might find Ninja Cloak upsetting if you’re not using an advertisement blocker extension for your browser. However, if you can get past these, the web proxy service offers great services. Ninja Cloak will protect your privacy and anonymity and you can even enable the HTTPS secure mode.

5. ProxySite

The best thing about ProxySite is that it is hosted on a gigabit network, which guarantees high speed. You can easily access Facebook and Youtube from work and you can rest assured your privacy is protected. It’s easy to route your web pages via ProxySIte in order to keep other people from monitoring you and your web use. Their services guarantee global access, which means you can get connected anywhere when you need to.

6. AnonyMouse

proxy websites example

Behind a cute name and logo lies an effective web proxy service that will serve as an unblocker for all the sites you need to access. AnonyMouse promises to enable all their users surf the internet without worrying all their personal information is being revealed left and right. Easy, free and fast, all you have to do to use it is enter the website address and you’re ready to surf anonymously.

7. Dontfilter

The team behind Dontfilter created a user-friendly proxy service that provides you with a hidden IP on the spot. One of the best proxy websites out there, Dontfilter doesn’t require a login. All you have to do is enter the website address and choose the desired options. Dontfilter will take care of the rest so you can surf the web safely and anonymously.

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