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Top 5 Online Guitar Tuner Options Reviewed

blonde man in shirt playing guitar

An online guitar tuner is truly a (musical) life-saver. Tuning your guitar is one of the most important foundations for playing great music. Tuning ensures a guitarist can play along to popular music and it trains musicians ears to understand the sounds that come from specific notes and keys. However, there are plenty of times in a guitarist’s life where …

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Top 8 Platforms For Free Audiobooks Online

five books and blue headphones

There is a better way of enjoying your favorite books, even with eyes closed, as compared to reading – listening to free audiobooks online. Regardless of whether you are jogging, traveling or driving, audio books can be handy and add more fun to your day’s activities. Below are reviews of some of the best platforms where you can find free …

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Top 10 Free Online Video Editor Platforms to Look Into

professional video editing

People create and share videos now more than they ever have in the past. If you want to perfect your videos before publishing, combine various clips or have fun by adding music or special effects, then you will want to check out these great free online video editor platforms. Choosing the Best Free Online Video Editor 1. Lightworks If you …

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Top 10 Hubs From Which To Download Free Music Online

woman listening to music

The internet has made it so easy to download free music online. However, downloading a song for free isn’t always legal and can land one in trouble. The good news is that there are several hubs that allow you to download your favorite tracks for free. While most of them are voids of famous artists like David Guetta and Beyonce, …

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Free Online Plagiarism Checker: Top 5 Options screenshot

A free online plagiarism checker can help you out more than you can imagine. Plagiarism is on the rise and continuing to grow rapidly. With so much information on the Internet, it is becoming increasingly difficult for writers to be “unique” when they are writing about the same subjects as millions of other people. This is particularly the case with …

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How to Watch Free Anime Online: Top Free Anime Online Hubs

drawing of an anime girl

Do you ever want to watch your favorite anime shows but don’t have money to buy the seasons? Even though it’s very satisfying to hold a DVD and place it in your console or DVD player, there are other ways to access your anime. Thankfully, with the kind of technology we have today, we can watch free anime online! There …

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The Top 5 Free Online Photo Editor Resources

editing with Pixlr Autodesk

A free online photo editor can help you reach your creative goals while staying on budget. For years, one of the most common complaints from graphic designers and digital photo editors alike was that the tools of their trade were prohibitively expensive. Besides the cost of physical equipment like sketchbooks, pens, and cameras, the software required to work in the …

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XBMC for Android: Can it Replace your TV Subscription?

browsing through the available live channels of xbmc for android

XBMC for Android is an open-source media player for smartphones, tablets, mini PCs, memory sticks, or set-top boxes that use Android as their operating system. Therefore, the software is free. You can use it on a number of compatible devices to playback video and audio files from all over the web. Here are the most important features and how-to’s of …

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DirecTV vs Dish: Which is More Reliable?

So, you want high-quality audio and picture display and decided to go with satellite television. The next crossroad you bump into is DirecTV vs Dish. Both have national coverage and have services in the same price ranges. Here are the main points on each company, which we’ll elaborate a bit later on: Pros of Dish: Best balance between the number …

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Misfit Shine Review: Is It a Perfect Activity Tracker?

light blue misfit shine

Misfit Shine is a sleep and activity tracker that outshined the competition with its water resistance. For this Misfit Shine review, we tested this and other functions of the gadget. This Misfit tracker is manufactured by Misfit Wearables, also known for the Misfit Ray, Mink, and Flash, and for the Speedo Shine. But right now, we’ll focus on the latest …

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