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5 Best 32 inch TV 2014: Which TV you should buy – WS Reviews

If you’re searching for best 32 inch TV then your first confusion may be whether to buy LED TV or LCD TV because it’s the common problem with most of the people. In the past 10 years, flat screen TV technologies are highly commercialized with excellent features. In fact, this fast technology has left us a lot behind it so first realize the difference between LCD and LED TV before buying.

[UPDATED May 2014]

Each and every TV has some pros and cons. We have tested and came to a fine list with reviews; we proudly share this with you guys. These TV will bring you an extra-ordinary feeling while watching HD movies, TV series, playing high-resolution games and lots more. In this list, you can discover some best 32 inch LED TV and some best 32 inch LCD TV.

Without wasting your time, let’s dive into the list.

Best 32 inch TV in 2014

Sony KDL-32R400A: LCD Display technology

Approx Price: $269

This is the best 32 inch TV under $300 with tempting design. As people around the world thinks that Sony is one of the leading company and they never bring any affordable systems. This model destroys the myth and proves that Sony can even make an affordable TV with mind blowing features. Even Sony has released some affordable best digital cameras in 2014.

Some of the solid features of Sony KDL-32R400A are excellent black levels, great color saturation level, shadow details, managing 1080p/24 properly, quality of sound is great, sleek design of the system easily grabs people attraction and lots more.

Even though it holds many features, 120Hz refresh rates doesn’t bring any improvisation on picture quality and even delivers more blurring compared to its competing models. However, it is the best 32 inch TV with affordable price and attractive features.

Best 32 inch TV 2014 – Toshiba 32DL933B review: LED Display technology

Approx Price: $599

Toshiba 32DL933B delivers some killer features to enhance the watching experience of people. One thing that makes people distress is it’s not slim but although it’s not a fatty model. The presence of DVD player inside the TV extends its depth over 63mm this makes the model not look like slim. Yet the gloss black cover brings extra glory for the model.

Although, there is no internet or PC connectivity but it offers some multimedia playback via DVD discs or by USB devices. There is a bit motion blur and slight general lack while playing HD videos but overall, it’s a best 32 inch TV on the market.

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Samsung UNF5000: LCD Display Technology  

Samsung UNF5000 32 inch TV review

Approx Price: $319

The well known minimalistic design of Samsung UNF5000 is yet attractive and one of the best 32 inch TV on the market. The frame around the screen is uniform and glossy black in color, the cabinet is thin and nice.

This model offers solid picture quality with accurate color and relatively deep black levels. The sound quality is also good but it has only two HDMI inputs so bit disappointed on that. If you connect a satellite box and a game console in this UNF5000, then there is no room for your Apple TV, Blu-ray player etc. if you want to connect more HDMI gear to this model then you have to get a cheap switcher or an HDMI equipped with AV receiver.

Samsung UN32EH5300: LED Display Technology

Samsung UN32EH5300 32 inch TV review

Approx price: $499

Another great model from Samsung is UN32EH5300, which is also spotted as the best 32 inch LED TV in our list. The 120Hz refresh rate delivers perfect image without any blurs. The motion resolution is pretty good; there is no lack in the visualization.

This smart TV holds numerous exciting features to enhance your watching experience. Some of the noticeable features of this model include three HDMI inputs, 2 USB port, build in WIFI and lots more.

This 32 inch TV offers best images with LED technology. Finally, if you’re looking to buy a LED TV with decent amount in your pocket then just go for Samsung UN32EH5300.

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Best 32 inch TV in 2014 – Vizio E320i-A0: LCD Display Technology

Approx Price: $299

The traditional CCFL Technology is replaced by LED; it is not like other edge-lit LED TVs with skinny profiles but it is a direct-lit model with a thicker cabinet because the LEDs are mounted at the back of the screen.

The smart content selection is pretty good and work like charm with great sensitivity. The image quality of the output is great with relatively deep black levels. The thin bezel and sleeker look delivers a modern appearance for the TV.

The picture falls at certain level with subpar shadow and shows some bruises in dark areas. By considering its price, it is a cheap 32 inch TV with excellent features.

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