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Best DJ Software Options for Beginners and Professionals

Many times, a DJ controller comes with software in the box. This mostly includes the free intro or the LE edition, excluding the professional features that you acquire with paid versions. While you do not have to use the software found in the package, you have some cool and fully featured DJ software offered for free. Most of it stays compatible with the other models on the market. Beginners should always sample the product first to find the best DJ software for them because sometimes what works for a professional will have too much complexity for a new starter. Here are the top five options you can choose from.

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Mixxx, one of the best DJ software

As a free DJ software, Mixxx hands you one of the most fully featured DJ software choices out there, making it one of the best. Because the developers made it as an open source software, you can add features to it. Mixxx includes everything you need to work as a professional DJ. Some of the interesting features include Auto DJ, Vinyl emulation, Sample decks, 4-deck control, Crates, Recording and live broadcasting.

Mixxx supports over 85 DJ controllers, and you have comprehensive hardware control. In addition, Mixxx has been translated into over 80 languages. The biggest con of this software is that only one FX is available.

Mixvibes Cross

Mixvibes Cross interface

Over the last few years, Mixvibes, the French developer of Cross, made numerous updates to this extensive software. In coordination with the updates, the product offers an extensive set of features like a customized interface with four decks, two eight-slot samplers and eight assignable cue points. You also have 14 different effects to take advantage of. You have support for a wide range of controllers, which the software supports over 80. For added convenience, you can import your music library over to Pioneer rekordbox. In addition, for those who use SoundCloud, you have integration with it, and you can delve into your iTunes collection.

The iOS remote control app acts a lot like a second screen for browsing, but you can also turn it to browsing tracks and using the software decks remotely. You can download versions of Cross for Windows, OS X, iOS and Android devices. This ensures you have a truly cross-platform offer. The greatest disadvantage of this software is that some people have reported random crashes and issues with the sound card.

Atomix VirtualDJ Pro

Atomix VirtualDJ Pro interface

One of the best DJ software choices you can make, but the biggest problem with Atomix VirtualDJ Pro is that it costs $299. For a beginner DJ, this might not be the best DJ software, but luckily, you do not have to pay for it that way. If you want to avoid costly upfront payment, you can also subscribe to VirtualDJ Pro for $19 a month. You have over 99 virtual decks, but mixing all 99 might not be the most advisable choice. Still, the amount of decks offered is impressive. Atomix VirtualDJ Pro also offers compatibility with ReWire, which means it runs with numerous DAWS.

When you install the software, you will also find features like audio line-ins, and it includes mappings with an interesting number of DJ controllers. Atomix’s latest version added a Sandbox feature where you have private mix previews, an enhanced sampler and updates to your audio engine. However, this software will not be one of the best DJ software choices if you plan to use it with a MIDI controller.

Serato DJ

Serato DJ interface

A software in constant improvement, that’s what separates Serato DJ from the herd. As one of the best DJ software choices around, you have everything you might expect of this caliber. Developers launched Serato DJ in 2013, and the company combines two disparate strands of the software. Since that time, the app has developed well with plug ‘n’ play support for numerous controllers and expansion packs.

Because the company remains focused on improving a single product, the potential in the future of Serato DJ is blinding. Serato DJ will likely play a role as the best DJ software for years to come. While this software can analyze music tracks much faster than the competition, it fails to include a live analysis like the competitors.

Traktor Pro 2

Traktor Pro 2 interface

A product from Native Instruments, Traktor 2 consists of all the Traktor software, but it includes Audio 10 and Audio 6 sound interfaces. This replaces the old Audio 8 and Audio 4 devices. While a lot of the features present in the new software could be found in Kontrol S4, this is still a great DJ system. Nevertheless, that remains one of the disadvantages, and it’s says a lot when they offer this as free to S4 users.

These are some of the best DJ software choices around. Do you have a favorite DJ software not mentioned in the article? If so, we’d love to hear your opinion. You can share it in the comments below. Choosing the best DJ software will depend on you and how you plan to use the software. A beginner will normally want to start with a simpler product because it will be much easier to get started producing music. They can update to more professional DJ software as they go along.

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