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Top 10 Hubs From Which To Download Free Music Online

The internet has made it so easy to download free music online. However, downloading a song for free isn’t always legal and can land one in trouble. The good news is that there are several hubs that allow you to download your favorite tracks for free. While most of them are voids of famous artists like David Guetta and Beyonce, you can still find a few hits from the biggest names in the industry if you know where to look. Here are a few of our favorites.

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Download Free Music Online Using These Top 10 Picks
1. Free Music Archive

The desire to make contemporary music available for free download is what led to the establishment of the site. Established in 2009, WFMU Radio has since partnered with dozens of curators to make the site a veritable treasure trove of free tracks. Free Music Archive uses two approaches when it comes to posting music. For starters, users can post their music directly to the archives and secondly, its partner curators upload free tracks. This creates a mind-boggling library of free tracks. Also, popular radio stations live cuts from studio sessions and site hosts a variety of podcasts.

2. MP3 Juices

This site is rapidly becoming one of the hubs from which one can download free music online. It combines a YouTube viewer with easy MP3 audio downloads. According to Similar Web, MP3 Juices is among the 1000 largest sites and in the United States, it is among the top 500.The hub receives more than 600 million visitors every month, and this is probably because the layout combines a YouTube viewer with easy MP3 audio downloads.

3. NoiseTrade

NoiseTrade is more than just a free music site. It is also a promotion site. To download music for free online, all you have to do is supply your postal code and email address. One of the objectives of the freemium promotion platform is to encourage you to spread the word about your favorite artists on social media. The site also encourages users to make donations of $4. The interface is simple to use and enables you to search for artists, tracks, mixtapes, upcoming events and more. NoiseTrade also has corresponding links that connect to the social media pages of artists.

4. ZingMP3

Not many people know about this hub, but ZingMP3 is one among the ten largest sites in Vietnam. It is also the fourth largest free music download site worldwide. It gets more than 60 million visitors every month and is the perfect place to download free music online if you love Vietnamese or Southeast Asian artists. It also contains fewer US hits. The site combines MP3, lyrics, videos and downloads into one interface, which makes it easy to navigate.

5. Amazon

It should not come as a surprise that the internet’s Walmart has a massive library of free MP3 downloads. The site has more than 50,000 free tunes, and that figure is expected to increase with time. The best thing about Amazon’s freebies is that you can browse the tracks by genre and artists.

6. YoutubeMP3

With more than 400 million visitors every month, YoutubeMP3 is one of the largest sites for downloading free music online. The one thing that makes this hub so popular is that it converts YouTube videos to MP3 files.

7. Jamendo

This is another of the sites from which you can download free music online. The site has more than 400,000 tracks from more than 40,000 artists, and while you will not find your favorite musicians here, the interface makes it easy to browse new talented musicians. As a result, the site is more suited to those who have an open.

8. Soundcloud

While not every track posted on this website is free, many artists offer stuff here for free. You can browse the collection by popularity, genre, latest postings and more. Also, Soundcloud has a section known as Creative Common licenses that allows users to download and tweak files as much as they like.

9. Vimeo

Vimeo has a massive music library and is one of the most popular video-sharing websites. Most of the files are videos, but the Search functionality allows you to isolate and download free music online. More than half of the 100,000+ tracks are free and you can search via instrumental, tempo, mood and genre. There is also a drop-down menu also allows one to sort the tracks by license.

10. Mr. Jatt

This site is a little different in that it specializes in Punjabi songs. It gets more than 30 million visitors each month and ranks as one of the 100 largest sites in India. As one would expect, most of the website’s traffic comes from Pakistan and India, but a small fraction of it does originate from the United States and the United Kingdom.

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There you have it – the best hubs from which you can download free music online. Rather than buy CDs or digital music from sites like Amazon and iTunes, the above sites can supply you with free tracks.


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