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FaceTime for PC – Free download for Mac and Windows

FaceTime is a powerful video conferencing application that is completely free for all Apple users. This app is not only free but also all the features from this app are available for free. In fact, it is first introduced in iPhone4 then it is designed for all Mac devices. If you’re looking to use FaceTime on PC then follow the guidelines below. It helps to realize how you can download FaceTime for PC.

[UPDATED May 2014]

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FaceTime for PC: Mac users – 5 steps

  • It is dead easy to download FaceTime for PC (MAC), now you can download directly from Apple store. Click here to download
  • Once you’ve downloaded the FaceTime then install it.
  • If it is installed, it’ll show your face immediately and asks your Apple ID and password.
  • After you’ve entered the Apple ID and password then it’ll synchronize your contacts automatically
  • That’s it folks, now you can open your contacts and start calling.

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FaceTime for PC: Features

  • FaceTime is the default video calling app in iPad and iPhone so it clearly shows that many users using it. You can easily find your friend by this feature.
  • It is very simple to handle and offers best performance without any flaws.
  • Using FaceTime you can say hello to all your friends who’re using FaceTime app on any compatible device. It is completely free and you don’t need to worry about your conversations.
  • It not only offers free voice and video calls but also it offers free messaging services with FaceTime contacts.
  • The videos are recorded in High definition (HQ) quality so it clearly makes the difference from other apps. Along with that, you can send voice calls without any noises; the latest filtering technology helps to eliminate noises while recording voices.

Note: This app only works in Wi-Fi as you’re installing in MAC, you cannot use 3G or 4G

Download FaceTime for windows PC

Many people are desperately searching for the best way to use this app on their windows PC to utilize the benefits of FaceTime. In fact, you’ll be disappointed after knowing that till now there is no official FaceTime version for windows. But of course, there are some best alternatives for FaceTime.

Best alternatives for FaceTime

If you’re windows users then you can try

  • Skype
  • Yahoo messenger

These two are the best alternatives that offers equal performances compared to FaceTime. Skype is the world’s largest video conferencing software, which offers free Skype to Skype calls and for calling cell-phones and landlines you’ve to buy credits. Skype is an open source and you can use it in Mac PCs, mobiles, windows, android etc.

Yahoo messenger is another great choice that offers both type as well as video conferencing but it holds only few features compared to FaceTime and Skype but still, a decent alternative.

Hope you all enjoyed this post. If you’ve any suggestion then leave us your comment below.

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