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5 Best websites to waste time: funny sites for boredom

Are you sick of boredom and want to kill your time? Yeah you’re in the right place to discover some best websites to waste time. In fact, internet would be bored stiff if you don’t keep things fresh; everyday people are searching for some interesting stuffs on internet to avoid their boredom. To help you out, here we’ve listed 5 alternative websites you’re unlikely to have heard of! You should definitely add these five cool websites to your regulars.

[UPDATED May 2014]

Let’s look at some best websites to cure your boredom.

Best websites to waste your time

Best website for boredom: Today I found out


best websites to waste time

This is one of the entertaining websites that definitely helps to cure your boredom. You can discover humor based articles, “did you know” facts, “Quick” facts and lots more here. If you’re looking for interesting detailed articles then you can also find some informative articles. Video section from this website offers some really cool stuff that helps to overcome your boredom. For easy navigation through this website, featured articles, trending interesting facts, Daily knowledge podcast, and info-graphic facts are layered on the front page to keep their visitors engaged. There is more than enough intrigue and interest here to keep you sustained when you’re passing time but aimed to keep it in constructive manner. By analyzing these factors, TODAYIFOUNDOUT.COM is listed as best website to waste time.

Funny website for boredom: OMG-facts


funny websites for boredom

This site brings you some interesting stuffs that are voted by the site visitors. If you would like to contribute to the website then you can submit your own facts. In the Top facts section, you can browse through top voted and trending facts that keep you entertained. There are many more stuffs on the website, visit the site and spend your time happily.

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Best website to waste time: Cracked


websites for boredom

Cracked is completely an entertaining website that covers almost everything like Music, Tech, Science, History, Movies etc. If you’re bored on usual websites like Facebook, Youtube etc then give it a try on Cracked. If you’re lazy to read articles then dive into video section, there you can find numerous videos sorted on different genres. Overall, it’s a best website for boredom.

Funny website for boredom: Bored


websites to waste time

As the name of the site implies that, it’s completely for bored people. Here you can discover tons of entertaining stuffs to cure your boredom. Additionally, you can play thousands of flash games for absolutely free. You can spend your all day on Bored without scratching the surface. Caller ID spoofing tool is one of the highlighting feature from this site. Using this tool, you can make fun of your friends by sending prank calls for free. Using text-to-voice technology, the prank calls are delivered to the desired number.

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Best website to waste time: CleverBot


best websites to waste time1

CleverBot is an “Artificial intelligence” robot and it is declared as the most innovative and successful “chatterbot” to date. This robot learns from everyone’s conversation around the web, and uses what it has learned to make its next conversation more realistic. In fact, talking with this robot really makes you smarter. If you want to check the quality of this bot yourself then take a trip.  This is one of the best and funniest website that really helps to overcome your boredom.

These are the best websites to waste time so try these sites and bookmark it for regular use. Hope you all enjoyed this post if you’ve any suggestions; please mention that below on the comment section.

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