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Top 11 Best Alternative Sites Like 123Movies

For years, sites like 123Movies have kept people entertained with a wide variety of tv shows, movies, and other forms of entertainment. However, there is a rather large caveat to that, it is also illegal, and sometimes dangerous to your computer to use.

If you regularly visit free movie streaming websites or even if you don’t, it seems like you can’t swing a cat without running into 123Movies — and with good reason. It’s one of the largest and best websites allowing you to watch and download your favorite movies and television episodes.

It can be very tempting to visit sites like 123Movies when you want to see a new theatrical release or something that just came out on DVD, and it is convenient to hop on the internet and stream them if you don’t want to download them. 123Movies will help you quite a bit if your goal is to binge watch.

Are Sites like 123Movies Legit?

Screenshot of 123 movies home screen
Image via 123movies

The simple answer to the question, “Are sites like 123Movies legit?” is “as legit as they can be.”

The Motion Picture Association of America calls 123Movies the “most popular illegal site in the world,” and with good reason. The streaming website is indeed against the law. But that hasn’t stopped it from bringing in tens of millions of viewers monthly.

In March 2018, Vietnam-based 123Movies announced they were shutting the doors after the U.S. asked their home country to crack down on piracy. The website did not say why they were shutting down. However, they encouraged their audience to pay for movies in their goodbye message:

“We’ve been providing links to movies and shows for years. Now it’s time to say goodbye. Thank you for being our friends and thanks for staying with us that long.

PS: Please pay for the movies/shows, that’s what we should do to show our respect to people behind the movies/shows.”

The site is back, at least in name, but it’s now registered in Panama. It’s unclear if the website is run by the same folks who previously operated it. It’s unlikely, given the distance between 123Movies’ old and new homes. But the new site has picked up the old mission of providing you with movies that you can watch without paying the people who made them.

Legal, Free Alternatives To Piracy

There are many sites like 123Movies, and you should probably be aware of them if you are someone who likes streaming movies and tv shows and doesn’t mind doing something that is illegal. There are, however, also safe and legal free streaming alternatives, like Crackle, tubiTV, or even Youtube.

Are Sites like 123Movies Safe?

These types of sites have always been at least approaching sketchy. There’s no point in saying anything differently. Therefore, you should always take precautions when visiting them. We’re talking anti-virus, anti-malware, probably even a VPN — the whole nine yards. Visiting sites like 123Movies has always been and will probably always be a risk versus reward decision.

Naturally, you should prepare accordingly. You can pick up a good antivirus software like BitDefender to maximize your security. You may also want to subscribe to a VPN, or virtual private network, to further protect yourself. Fortunately, plenty of affordable options for both exist. You can also scan these websites with Sucuri SiteCheck for known malware and other issues.

Whether or not you risk visiting is entirely up to you, though if you aren’t perfectly protected, you may find yourself with a device that has become a doorstop.

What Are the Best Sites like 123Movies?

There are many sites like 123Movies to choose from online. While they vary in appearance, safety risks, speed, and performance, they all have one goal: to provide you with all the movies and tv shows you could want to watch.

Here are some of the best alternatives to 123Movies:


Screenshot of Putlocker's home screen. It is a site like 123movies.
Image via Putlocker

Putlocker is one of the most popular sites like 123Movies. Additionally, like 123Movies, the original no longer exists but that hasn’t stopped a site with the same name from popping up. However, like its predecessor, the newer Putlocker is a great source for pretty much every movie you could want.

One thing that will make you happy is that there are very few ads. The site streams quality movies and TV shows at decent speeds, meaning you’ll be watching whatever you want at decent speeds. Putlocker has a spectacular selection and even categorizes films by release year, country of release, genre, and numerous other categories to ensure that you find what you’re looking to watch.


Screenshot of FMovies home screen. It is one of the best sites like 123Movies.
Image via FMovies

FMovies features a simple interface that allows you to simply type what you want to watch. Then you will be taken to a results page where you will select what will consume your evening.

Ads are minimal on FMovies. Additionally, TV shows and movies stream at great speeds. Combine that with a massive selection and an easy to use interface, and it is sure to become one of your favorite websites for your streaming needs.


Screenshot of WatchFree's home page. It is a great site like 123movies
Image via WatchFree

WatchFree is another popular site like 123Movies that deserves your attention. As its name suggests, it’s a place for you to watch pretty much whatever you want for free. This site features a top 100 list, so you know what’s popular right now.

WatchFree does require registration or the download of an extension, so be aware of that. But the quality is good, so you’re sure to have a good time there.


Screenshot of SolarMovie's home page. It is a wonderful site like 123Movies
Image via SolarMovie

As with the others mentioned so far, SolarMovie has a spectacular selection of hit movies, TV shows, and everything in between. The site has a simple layout and is easily searchable. Streaming speed is excellent. Further, you can easily find what you’re looking for with its easy to use menus.

There are a few popups, but otherwise, ads are minimal, so your viewing experience isn’t going to be tainted by constant interruptions.


Movies25 is another excellent site like 123Movies
Image via Movies25

Movies25 is another excellent place for you to satisfy your urge to binge watch movies and television. Like WatchFree, Movies25 requires registration. However, with its easy to use design, excellent selection, and rating system, it’s worth checking out.

Movies25 features a simple design and is light on the ads, so you can rest assured that your viewing experience will be relatively hassle-free.

Yes! Movies

Yes! Movies homepage screenshot. It is another site like 123movies
Image via Yes! Movies

Yes! Movies is another of the best sites like 123Movies. Featuring amazing quality and good streaming speeds, Yes! Movies will keep you busy for hours. The site has an extensive collection of all your favorite shows and movies.

Movies and shows can be organized by genre, country of origin, sorted by ratings, and more. There’s even a news section to keep you up to speed with what’s going on in the world of film.

All in all, Yes! Movies is an excellent website to visit for your streaming needs.


Screenhsot of LosMovies' home page. It is an awesome site like 123Movies
Image via LosMovies

If you are looking for a great site on which you can stream movies and television, LosMovies is a good decision. What sets this apart from many others is that it has a section dedicated to 3d movies. You can also quickly sort out movies and TV shows with subtitles. Because of this, LosMovies is a wonderful place for the hearing impaired.

Another unique feature on LosMovies is the ability to search by actor and director. That way you never miss your favorite talent in anything they do. LosMovies also features top movie lists, the ability to sort by language, and a lot more. You’ll enjoy this feature-packed alternative to 123Movies.


Screenshot of 5Movies' homepage.
Image via 5Movies

5Movies is another great alternative to 123Movies. The menu on this website includes tabs for “latest added” and “new releases.” You also have the ability to sort films by genre, alphabetically, by release year, and more.

5Movies requires registration like some of the others, but you will be pleased with the quality of the streams and the beautiful site design.


Photo of the Vlooz website, which is one of the sites like 123Movies
Image via Vlooz

No list of great alternatives to 123movies would be complete without mentioning VIooz. As with the other sites we have mentioned, VIooz is heavily searchable with a gigantic library of movies, TV shows, and more.

VIooz has a nice clean design, but you will be dealing with a lot more popup ads than at some of the other sites. However, you’ll that this hasn’t stopped VIooz from becoming one of the most popular sites like 123Movies.


Niter is a great site like 123Movies
Image via Niter

Niter is another beautiful site like 123Movies. It has a simple, searchable design where you can find movies by years or by category. Combined with its sizeable library of movies and TV shows, this makes for an amazing watching experience.


Screenshot of SnagFilms homepage
Image via SnagFilms

SnagFilms is another popular free streaming site, but you won’t find it crammed with new releases. This website has a great selection of classic films and independent movies.

The website is beautifully designed, searchable, and has some amazing offerings if you are looking for something outside the mainstream.

Happy Hunting!

If you are looking for someplace more mainstream to watch movies and TV shows, you can always pay for a subscription to Netflix or Hulu, both of which offer a great selection. But if you aren’t in the mood to spend money and are aware of the potentially life-altering risks in visiting sites like 123Movies, you’ll have a great time filling your days with highly watchable material.

We also encourage you to pay for your movies or at least choose a legally free streaming service. Piracy has some pretty harsh consequences, so dealing with the ads on Crackle doesn’t seem so bad in comparison to an arrest.


Featured Image: CC0, by Skitterphoto, via Pexels

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