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5 Best laptops under $300 in 2014

When it comes to buying a laptop, everybody is looking for great deal to find cheaper laptop. In fact, lavishly spending more money on gadgets especially in this current economy is not a smart move. So Here I’ve shared some best laptops under $300 that are affordable for your wallet. But bear in mind that when I say cheap, it doesn’t mean poor quality laptops. Even some of the well-known brands offer affordable laptops with terrific features so I picked those laptops and listed in this article in order to draw your attention on it.

Best Laptops under 300 dollars in 2014

Best laptop under $300 2014: Samsung Chromebook 2 

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Samsung’s Chromebook is a unique class of mobile computing device specially designed for web-based tasks. In fact, they are differing from other traditional laptops and offers outstanding hassle-free performance at affordable price. It comes with built-in security for protecting against malwares and viruses; it is one of the great advantages of this model.

This 11.6 inch chromebook 2 runs on ARM based chip called “Exynos 5 Octa 5420” with 4 GB of RAM and 16 GB of Solid state drive.  This powerful combo improves notebook speed while in multitasking, this is certainly noticeable thing. This ultra-slim laptop is powered with leading Google products like Hangouts, Gmail etc. so you can play, work, and do whatever you want. At full charge, the battery lasts up to 5.5 hrs on heavy workloads like watching movies online and other works but at normal usage it stands about 6.5-7 hrs. Overall, it’s a best laptop under 300 with great performance.

Best Gaming laptop under 300 dollar 2014: ASUS K200MA-DS01T

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Asus K200MA-DS01T comes with Intel Duel core BayTrail-M processor with advanced touchscreen technology. Along with this, you can enjoy high quality audio courtesy from ASUS sonicMaster. The presence of 1.2MP HD camera delivers seamless video conference over internet. The cloud-based ASUS web-storage allows you to access your videos, photos, music and document from any internet connected devices that you’re using.

It is featured with wide range of connectivity ports that includes 2 USB 2.0 ports, a USB 3.0 port, a VGA and Ethernet port. Speaking about the battery life, it’s pretty disappointing stands for only 4 hrs at heavy use. The 11.6” touchscreen display works accurate with high responsive rate, this is a huge plus. Finally, if you’re looking for a budget touchscreen laptop under 300 dollars then consider this machine.

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Best laptop under $300 2014: HP Chromebook 14

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This laptop runs on lighting fast chrome OS, you can enjoy your favorite websites and Google apps instantly on big HD display (14 inch). They offer free 100GB of Drive storage when you buy this laptop so you can sync your data and stay connected with your files anytime. With Chromebook 14, you can access thousands of latest productivity apps and games in an effortless environment unlike any other.

It runs on Intel Celeron powered with 2 GB of RAM and 16 GB of SSD (Solid state drive) that ensure great performance. The connectivity includes both USB 2.0 and 3.0 ports and a HDMI output to connect with TV or some other devices. The ultra-thin sleekly design never fails to attract your friends and family. HP UltraVision HD webam offers better performance even in the low light so you can enjoy flawless video conference with your friends. The sound quality is not up to the mark but acceptable. If you want to enjoy deeper and richer sound quality, you can connect to external sound bar. The battery life is impressive; it stands over 7 hrs on heavy workload. Bottom line, HP Chromebook 14 is super fast laptop at reasonable price tag perfectly suitable for college students. [Note: We have reviewed the best laptops for college students in the other post, take a look at that if you’re a college student]

Good laptop under 300 dollar: Acer C720 Chromebook

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Acer C720 Chromebook is a great laptop with reliable features like touch screen, 32GB local SSD + 100GB Google Drive Storage, sleekly design + light weight, Great boot times with amazing battery life and lots more. In fact, you can’t get all these features in any entry-level chromebooks. It is geared with Intel Celeron processor, which works great for handling high level workloads like photo editing, video editing etc.

This 11.6 inch chromebook comes with Intel HD graphics with 128 GB of dedicated system memory to enhance the system speed. The battery stands nearly up to 8 hrs on heavy works, which is great for business people they don’t have to carry their charger wherever they go. Overall, Acer C720 Chromebook is a little machine with great performance at affordable price.

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Best Gaming laptop under $300 2014: Toshiba Satellite C55-A5190

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Toshiba C55-A5190 is the first device of its kind to offer 15.6-inch diagonal HD display. This affordable laptop is powered with Intel Dual-Core Celeron Processor with 4 GB of RAM that helps to run multiple tasks flawlessly. Along with that it is featured with 16 GB of Solid state storage and a huge HDD of 500 GB.

The connectivity options include 2 USB 2.0 ports, a USB 3.0 port and Bluetooth 4.0. The built-in security keeps your system safe from malwares and viruses; you don’t need to buy any separate antivirus software. After certain period it updates the software automatically for free. Overall, it’s a convenient laptop for everyday use and also the best gaming laptop under 300 dollars.

That’s it folks, these are the 5 best laptops under 300 dollars in2014. If you feel this article is useful then share this with your friends and comment us your best pick from this list.

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