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Battlefield 4 Shows What Planting Easter Eggs is All About

"Battlefield 4 Shows What Planting Easter Eggs is All About "
Here’s a little something to get you started on your quest for the BF’s golden Easter Egg.

If we do fancy ourselves veteran gamers, then we must be aware that any games, regardless of genre, hides many surprises. Battlefield 4 shows what planting easter eggs is all about.

But, if you are not into games or you’ve only begun exploring the wonders of video games, here’s a couple of details on the nature of the Easter Egg. Well, to put it bluntly, it’s not exactly an Easter egg, meaning that there’s no hidden psycho Easter bunny, throwing away radioactive eggshells or anything.

An Easter egg is best described as being a game secret, something so well hidden within the game, that it takes quite a lot of time to find. One example which pops to mind is Croteam’s, pop-and-hack game, Serious Sam. After doing quite a lot of digging up, somewhere in the games, you’ll find the portraits of the game developers.

Another good example of Easter Egg would be Gothic. After running around in circles, dodging marauding works, evading shadow beasts and falling several feet into a dark chasm, you’ll find yourself in a huge cave, surrounded on all sides by tough undead adversaries. Hack your way through their ranks and at the end of the cavern, you’ll find a nifty weapon.

Of course, some of them are pretty elaborate in design and they require skills in order to be unlocked. Remember Phantom Pain and the “Nuclear Disarmament” global event? This is a good example of an elaborate Easter Egg, a hidden goodie which takes quite a lot of time to unlock.

But it would seem that nothing can top Battlefield 4 when it comes to secrets, further reinforcing the idea that Battlefield 4 shows what planting Easter eggs is all about. Long story short, if you do this right, you’ll be able to hear an audio recording from Julian Manolov, the DICE’s big daddy, and the wiz tech behind the Battlefield franchise.

In order to unlock this intricate piece of the puzzle, one must decode a Morse code in Belarusian. This, in turn, will lead the player to any entirely new map and some more code-hunting. I’m not going to say more about how to find the different pieces of code because nobody likes a spoiler.

But, I’m going to say this: if you want to crack open this puzzle, then you should better brush up on your Morse because there will be lots of codes to break before unlocking the Easter Egg.

However, if you get stumped on your way, here’s a little video which shows you how to discover the buttons which are capable of unlocking part of the puzzle. One more thing: even though one would choose to disclose the location of the buttons, the codes are randomized, meaning each puzzle will be unique.

Happy Easter hunting, boys, and girls, and do remember to have fun while you’re at it. Once more we are inclined to admit that Battlefied 4 shows what planting Easter eggs is all about.

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