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Ford Recalls 300,000 Vehicles for Headlight Malfunction

"Ford Crown Victoria recall"
Most Ford Crown Victoria models are used by the U.S. police. [Photo credits: Wikimedia]
Following a thorough investigation, Ford recalls 300,000 vehicles for headlight malfunction. The cars, which were assembled in 2005, were involved in a series of incidents, the company has informed.

The American auto maker, Ford Motor Company opened an investigation after numerous drivers complained about headlight malfunctions. The enquiry has revealed that models Crown Victoria and Mercury Marquis, which were produced between 2003 and 2005 had weak solder joints. This failure caused headlights to become short of electric power while on the road.

The investigation further revealed that 15 incidents took place as a result of the headlight fail, the majority of them resulting from drivers’ inability to spot objects or animals on the road. Ford received 600 complaints regarding headlight failures and 3,000 laments concerning the malfunctioning of the low-beam headlights.

Drivers of the said models are expected to bring their vehicles to Ford’s motor service facilities to have their headlights replaced. Lists indicate that 296,004 cars may be found in the United States, 14,714 in Canada and 2,096 in Mexico.

The American auto maker is recalling other models for various flaws. Drivers repeatedly complained about the seat belt system of the F-150 SuperCrew trucks produced in 2015 and investigators have discovered that there is a problem with the seat belt retractor and pretensioner. As a consequence, around 3,000 trucks from U.S., Canada and Mexico will be recalled in the following period.

The 2015 Ford Transit van was not flawless, either. According to the company’s recent report, 1,300 models have to have their rear axle shaft replaced. Some vehicles stopped moving while on the road because the rear axle shaft broke. Others, rolled away while stationary because the parking brake was not applied.

Some drivers of the F-650 and F750 models will have to leave their cars on Ford’s hands in the following period. The auto maker announced that these vehicles have problems with the rear air brake chambers and is, therefore, recalling them. Fortunately, the flaw in the breaking system did not lead to any incidents, Ford stated.

The replacement and repairing of all the flawed elements will be on Ford’s expenses, the company has concluded.

Image source: www.wikimedia.org

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