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BeeTalk: Takes you to the next level in instant messaging

With recent Wechat’s censorship in China, people’s freedom of speech cracked down suddenly. I don’t want to talk about this issue in detail but I guess, most of the people frustrated due to this act. On the other hand, Whatapp is facing serious issues with their servers all over the world so people are looking for best alternatives to theses instant messengers. A survey shows, snapchat is one of the most talked instant messengers last year but recent spam activities makes people to step behind this app. Regarding this issue, snapchat apologies on their official blog. In this situation, BeeTalk gains its popularity and extents its growth from Thailand to china and now it is rapidly spreading over Southeast Asia.

Positive responsive to BeeTalk

This app is officially launched on Nov 2013 and becomes one of the trending apps in Google play store and also it is the No.1 app in Apple’s app store in Thailand. Every day the active users count increases significantly. When they launched this app, they got positive responsive from Thailand then it spreads over Singapore, Malaysia and now, it is virally spreading over Vietnam, Indonesia and China. This shows, BeeTalk is covering Southeast Asia.

About BeeTalk

BeeTalk is an instant messenger with clean and smooth design which aims to provide flawless communication. This app holds the strengths of all other messengers into itself. Like all other instant messengers, it also allows you to 1) make free voice calls and 2) send text messages.

What’s new in BeeTalk?

BeeTalk’s secret weapon is Whisper

Using BeeTalk, you can whisper your secret messages to your friends. Send message and it will magically disappear afterwards. It will be fun and also its private.

Other Highlighting features

  • Flip it

You can browse through different profile pictures and flip to your right to ‘Like’ and left to ‘Dislike’.

  • Shake it

If you want to make friends, shake your phone. Find people who are shaking their phone together with you to make friends.

  • Look Around

This option lets you to discover friends who were nearby your location

Messaging feature

Group chat

Group chat helps to find everyone’s preferences using voting system. Group topic lets you to identify the conversation easily.

Doodles and Stickers

Like other instant messengers, BeeTalk also features with Doodles and stickers in order to improve the chatting experiences.

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Growth Rate

The monthly active users of BeeTalk increases tremendously in the past days. Using App metrics, the growth of an app can be easily identified.  According to Appdata, the MAU Rank (Monthly Active Users Rank) of Whatsapp Messenger, WeChat and BeeTalk are charted as below.

Note: Click the image to see clearly 

BeeTalk Daily active user

This chart clearly shows that the rank of Whatsapp and WeChat are sliding down; on the other hand, the rank of BeeTalk improves constantly. Therefore, a huge crowd is turning towards this new app (BeeTalk).

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By analyzing the variations of MAU and DAU (Daily Active Users), a comprehensive growth rate chart is provided below.

beetalk growth rate

Supported platforms

BeeTalk is available for both iOS and Android

Click the link to download BeeTalk for iOS

Click the link to download BeeTalk for Android

BeeTalk for windows

Currently, Beetalk is not available for windows phone but the BeeTalk team is constantly working to launch this app on windows phone. Hope this will happen soon 🙂

Note: If you want to run BeeTalk on PC then you can try some best android emulators for PC. This is the best way to test how the app would run on your phone after you’ve installed it.

That’s it folks, what do you think about this new instant messenger whether it will reach every part of the world or shutdown in Southeast Asia?

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