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Top 4 Best Beat Making Software for Musical Creation
Wednesday , December 8 2021
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Top 4 Best Beat Making Software for Musical Creation

What should you look for in the best beat making software? First, strong production capabilities will be the chief factor, but the less experienced users should seek out software that offers ease of use. You also want a large loop library and a wide selection of virtual instruments. If you have experience in the music industry, the best beat making software will prioritize the recording capabilities. Different virtual musical instruments create various tones and sounds, but if you want the full benefits of instrument sounds, you should buy a MIDI controller.

4 of the Best Beat Making Software Options

Dr. Drum

Dr Drum, one of the best beat making software

Astounding beat making software, this giant of the industry heightens the playing field on almost every level. What sets Dr. Drum up as one of the best beat making software choices? First, you have more options than most of the alternatives. Also, this software sets itself apart as friendly to beginners. In fact, the designers slanted the software especially towards the fresh starters crowd. Other programs on the market often expect you to have a baseline knowledge of how it works, but Dr. Drum clears the cloud of confusion for the newbies with an easy-to-use interface and higher quality samples.

A lot of the competitors chisel out music with compressed MP3 files. While it makes no difference if you play only for the PC, you will experience inconvenience when you play the beats on systems with high fidelity. Dr. Drum showcases a killer 48-track, drop-and-drag sequencer, which gives unlimited freedom to create deep and rich sounds.

Sonic Producer

Sonic Producer beat making software

Arguably the second best beat making software, Sonic Producer features a gigantic library of sounds, and you have more than 2,000 unique sounds to play with. Also, the 16-track sequencer, drum pad and piano key set give you the advantage when playing music. For those at the beginning stages, Sonic Producer provides you with excellent ease of use. The lack of a search tab, however, can make finding the sounds you want downright maddening. In terms of advanced beat making software, Sonic Producer does not stack up but excels with the beginner beat creation crowd.

The simplicity of Sonic Producer also means you do not have a learning curve to overcome. You can also turn on the built-in metronome to organize your music and tune it with the beat.

FL Studio

FL Studio beat making software

Since past versions, FL Studio came a long way. In the past, they called it Fruity Loops 1.0, and you simply had a MIDI drum sequencer and limited abilities to produce music. Today, that software soars above most of the competition where you can use it for live performance and in the studio. Sometimes FL Studio coordinates with other DAWs. Beware, however, the introductory version does not stack up to the other versions.

The live instrument recording tool works within FL Studio, and you will find it called Edison. This software also creates equalizers, reverbs and other tools. FL Studio’s greatest strength lies in the tools and how you can create electronic beats. Also, the software includes a large selection of plug-ins to make your job easier. If you choose the Studio edition, it will have more plug-ins than the Producer edition, and you can upgrade when you visit the website.

Studio One 3

Studio One 3 interface

One of the best beat making software choices, the advantage is how Studio One 3 costs less than FL Studio. The creators updated and upgraded the software numerous times. The newest and most welcome addition might be the Arranger feature. You can add a flexible way to the layout of your songs, and you can arrange them into different segments. Scratch Pad experiments with the arrangements and mixes. Studio One 3 also added a new synth. Technically speaking, you only have one real new instrument called Mai Tai. It offers better flexibility than ever before when crafting up new sounds, and with two oscillators, a sub-oscillator and being polyphonic, you can create some of the most incredible basses.

Studio One 3 also updated Presence XT. What does that mean? Basically, your sample player reaches a higher level of flexibility than ever before. You can import numerous formats of unprotected libraries such as Soundfonts, EXS and Kontakt. In total, it adds up to over 15 GB of content, and you can start playing music like never before.

The best beat making software will also depend on where you’re at skill-wise. For a beginner, Dr. Drum and some of the more basic choices will make creating music easier, but if you are more advanced, simplified means more limitations.

Do you have a favorite beat making software not mentioned? Nothing we write is set in stone, and we are always open to learning more. If you feel we have left something important unmentioned, feel free to leave a comment below.

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