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What’s the Best Crossword App for iPad? 6 Options You Have

iPads have so many options for crossword enthusiasts that it can be difficult to find the best one. In this article, we’ll look at some of the best-regarded crossword apps. The ranking of the crossword apps will correlate with two factors. How well an app replicates the crossword puzzle experience and the actual quality of the app itself. Miscellaneous features which might differentiate the apps from each other will also factor into the overall ranking.

6. World’s Biggest Crossword

World's Biggest Crossword, one of the best best crossword app for iPad

World’s Biggest Crossword delivers a graphically impressive take on the standard crossword puzzle. It also incorporates some video game standards such as achievements and trophies. It’s an impressive package considering that it’s free in the app store.

The biggest advantage is the sleek modern style. The app is easily one of the most graphically striking crossword apps.

The biggest disadvantage is that some players might find themselves distracted by these additions. The style is easily one of the more polarizing aspects of this app.

5. Daily Quick Crossword Puzzles

Daily Quick Crossword Puzzles app for iPad

Daily Quick Crossword Puzzles is meant to offer a quick distraction. It differs from most of the other apps due to this focus on speed. A traditional crossword puzzle is something to sit and muse on for a while. The Daily Quick Crossword Puzzle provides quick puzzles which are typically solved in five to ten minutes. The app is available for free in the app store.

The main advantage is the speed and simplicity. It’s a great choice for people who need to ease boredom when waiting for an appointment or the like. But the simplicity can also make it a fantastic learning tool for non-native English speakers.

The main disadvantage is quite similar to the advantage. People looking for an in-depth experience might find themselves disappointed by a lack of challenge. Despite the name, one will spend very little time actually puzzling over difficult questions.

4. Crossword Quiz+

Crossword Quiz+ crossword app for iPad

Crossword Quiz+ ranks as one of the best crossword app for iPad due to sheer inventiveness. The app pushes past the limitations of pen and paper to create a unique digital experience.

The advantage of Crossword Quiz is mainly due to how different from the standards it can be. The app combines tips, awards, and images to bring added fun to the crossword experience.

The main downside is the end result of the biggest advantage. It might stray a bit too far from standard crossword puzzles for some people. Additionally, the app is ad supported and this can cause some visual issues on occasion.

3. Puzzazz Crossword & Puzzle

Puzzazz Crossword & Puzzle crossword app for iPad

Puzzazz Crossword & Puzzle is one of the best crossword apps for iPad due to superb enhancements to the standard formula. The app never diverges too heavily from standard crossword design when running in standard mode. But expert design ensures that the standard crossword puzzle is always exceptional.

The main advantage and what makes it one of the best crossword apps for iPad is the care which goes into every puzzle. The puzzles are made by crossword experts who love the format. The fact that it’s available for free makes it even better.

The only real disadvantage is that new players might be somewhat overwhelmed. The standard games tend to be more difficult than what’s found in other apps.

2. NYTimes Crossword

NYTimes Crossword app for iPad

The New York Times is one of the world’s best-known newspapers. Their crossword section is just as top-tier as their news coverage. The NYTimes Crossword app comes close to living up to the paper’s reputation.

The main advantage of the app comes from the high quality of the New York Times itself. The app can use the same top-tier crossword puzzles as the paper itself. And it will even sync with multiple devices.

The main disadvantage is that these features come with a price. The mini puzzles are free to play. But full crossword puzzles are only available with a $6.95 monthly subscription fee.

1. USA Today

USA Today app for iPad

USA Today is well known for their crossword puzzles. What many people don’t know is that the digital version of the paper has those same crosswords. It’s easy to miss out on the feature as it’s not in a dedicated app or even within the USA Today’s main app interface. Instead one will find it in the USA today app’s Life section. The link is right under the Life section’s banner.

USA Today for the iPad has quite a few positive qualities. One of the most important is that the app mirrors the paper’s print content. The app offers the same crosswords that are found in the actual newspaper. Additionally, it will even store a backlog of crossword puzzles. The fact that the app is free makes it even more remarkable.

The app’s main disadvantage is how well hidden it is. One will typically only find the crosswords within the USA today app if specifically told it exists.

Summing Up

In conclusion, the best crossword app for iPad is the one which provides someone with the most fun. It’s best to carefully look over the best crossword app for iPad and consider which matches one’s individual style.

After trying out some of the choices it’s always a good idea to share one’s opinions. Personal experiences can be a huge help to others as they feel out what the best crossword app for iPad is in their own life.

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